Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Silent Killer

The new TLO website is now live! Click through to see the complete photo series by Aimee along with an additional series by Yudi Ela. We'll be updating the site monthly with new albums by a variety of snap happy pals. The current set features a few peeks at what we're working on for Valentine's Day (including the above silky romper).

I've just come in from wandering aimlessly about for fresh air and to clear my foggy brains after a very reluctant wake-up revealed our kitties (I suspect Bobo) had, once again, jumped up on the stove top and turned the gas knob (a second time this week, perhaps serves me right for not doing anything about it the first go round)! I'm not sure how long it had been leaking but it was long enough that I felt very quite cozy in deep slumber at a much later hour than normal and have been nursing a headache since. Very naughty cats. I've taped the knobs but am not certain that will do the trick, will definitely be ordering some sort of child proof knob control in the very near future. If ever you don't hear from me for prolonged period of time know that I have likely drifted off into eternal sleep thanks to my murderous feline "friends" O_O.

Photos by Aimee Brodeur
Hair & Make-up by Veronica Chanel
Vintage dresses provided by The Loved One
Negligee coming soon by The Loved One

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