Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sophie and Eloise


bed (and bobo)

smiling sophie

face like a painting

sophie and kitty

Bobo spy

Some pictures from back when beautiful Sophie was visiting.

We're off to Arizona tomorrow morning and from there onto Ottawa (a very confusing suitcase this is going to make for). I've still loads of packing, cleaning & eating to do before we head out at the happy 4am hour! Hopefully I'll have a chance to update a few times more before Christmas but just in case, a very merry christmas to all of you! I hope you all have a fantastic time with friends and family this holiday season. <3 Here's a little mix of songs that I listened to on repeat this year: in love.

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ModeKarussell said...

What a great find! Your blog is breathtaking, keep it up! Gonna visit it more often in future ;)

Hope you'll may stumble over my blog too ;)

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