Sunday, January 1, 2012



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2011 was an incredible rollercoaster of a year. A year of many firsts of both the great (opening our store, launching our collection, learning to drive & making wonderful new friendships) and the not so great variety. I'm not one for making resolutions and when I do the usual "avoid my list of foods that irritate my belly" it only lasts a few weeks before I can no longer avoid the inevitable grilled cheese sandwich (sweet sweet gluten and dairy, my enemies how I love you so). This year I'd like to make some though and that is to be more aware; more mindful of the precious present & of those around me. I hope my social interactions will leave my companions feeling warm, loved and heard. I hope that I can keep my tongue tamed and used for words of encouragement & focused on all the wonderful moments & people life has brought.

Here's to the New Year! <3

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