Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Halcyon Days

snow sleep

snow :)

frozen river

We are returned from our Canadian adventure where we were absolutely spoiled with perfect wintery weather, truckloads of chocolate and the very best company. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have my pop's home to run away to. Highlights from our trip included a cross country ski to the grocery (where we spotted a deer! Never in my life have I felt so... Canadian), tobogganing without injury, maple candy cooking, glittering shoes with my aunt; sharing a bed with Landon, Rebecca and a long limbed whippet puppy, lots of cranium, some settlers of catan and fireworks (and fire) on new years eve.

We had a quick visit in Montreal where I was able to satisfy my bagel craving by stuffing my mouth with not one, not two but three (and a half) hot sesame bagels all in a row. I don't know why folks are always on about New York bagels - they're basically regular bread in a circle formation but man alive, Montreal bagels are next level eating. It was especially cold while we were in Montreal (25 below) so we limited our activity to jumping in and out of the car and popping into only a few shops. Of the shops we visited Citizen Vintage was definitely a favourite, super cute and nicely curated. Frustratingly I cannot recall for the life of me the name of the other shop that I really enjoyed. The shopkeeper was delightfully chatty and her prices were just right that if I had any extra dollars to spare they'd have gone straight into her shop (serious knick knack heaven there). I promise should the name come to me to post it right away. On the subject of vintage shops we also had a chance to pay a visit to my favourite (and frankly, the only that I now know of) vintage shop in Ottawa, Ragtime. I have fond memories of renting Twiggy style dresses from them when I was in highschool. Super chatty shopkeeper and just brimming with treasures (lots buried so much digging required - my favourite)! The coat I'm wearing above was a gift from my Pops from Ragtime (Landon & Emma both have ones to match so we can coordinate and look like a disney vacationing family while wearing them).

Oh, and then there was the POUTINE, the excessive kids in the hall watching and falling asleep each night on the sofa with a book in one hand and 1.5 kilograms of chocolate in the other. Perfect, perfect holiday.

You may also click through for a few instagram pictures of our travels :).

My beautiful aunt Dorothy and her boyfriend Markos came up for the day. One of these days I'll have to get over to Toronto and dedicate a post to her and her extraordinary living space.

I found this tutorial and we glittered our shoes together! My aunt is an incredible artist and of course her shoes turned out brilliantly. Mine turned out... glittery and Ali's looked like party feet!

It was the best mess.

There was lots of time for reading by the fire and cactus.

I snatched these from my baby brother's instagram. Thanks Leelee. He's gone into the pet portrait business, so if you're needing an original watercolour portrait of your pet (which I know you are definitely needing) you should let him know!

Winter physical activity is the only physical activity I feel confident participating in. I am positively hopeless at summer sports but come winter I am only moderately hopeless (err, hopeless may not be the word - graceless seems more like it). The scenery is what makes it really (plus it doesn't hurt so much when the inevitable tumble occurs). Also, SNOWPANTS. Who doesn't feel invincible in snowpants.

Frozen rivers are excellent for bike rides and for maple syrup candy production.

Best of all was spending copious amounts of time with my family.

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