Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ethan Fielding Cook


Ethan Cook


One of my best pals and Landon's studio mate, Ethan Cook at work.

See Ethan's work here!

Congratulations Amy on winning the Bonlook giveaway :D. Thanks to everybody for participating! 

I always write best in the shower, only it's not writing it's thinking about writing. Earlier I was thinking about writing a bit on my day but now that I'm sitting here I'd rather sway back and forth and sing The Weekend's The Morning to Bobo while adjusting the bass on my speakers and all those brilliant things I was going to write are out the window. Yesterday I woke up to Bobo licking my eyelids and running her claws through my hair. She's developed a morning routine of waking me up with grooming by licking my bangs, "combing my hair" and purring. Landon and I spent the morning working on our computers before walking over to the studio where we found Ethan painting their cave-like black ceilings white. I rolled a few beams and then delivered a "poem" to Amy's flower filled studio and left with a bouquet of my own. Dizzy from paint fumes Ethan and I took a break walk to the bodega where we impulsively bought a roll(?) of bubble gum tape and split it between us in one sugar shivery bite. On the way back to the studio my shoe heel fell off and a nail poked up and pierced the heel of my foot. We went to see Amy again this time to deliver a beer and join her for a rooftop sunset viewing.

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