Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Redding with Frances Baker

I'd been saving this gorgeous Frances Baker dress for my now annual trip to Connecticut since it's arrival last month. I wish I could eloquently articulate just how brilliantly constructed this handmade dress is. Josephine lovingly hand crafts all of her garments with deliciously soft and eco friendly fabrics. The quality in construction and material of this dress reminds me of my favored vintage finds, so unlike the disposable fast fashion floating around these days. I am so impressed by Josephine and am excited to watch her collection grow!

Visit her site for her beautifully photographed complete collection here!

8tracks playlist here!

Redding weekends with Wray has over the years become one of my favourite parts of living in New York. This is our fourth April in the city which seems too short and too long all at once. I enjoy living here but I love being country bound.

This weekend we walked the woodsy Redding roads to three hundred year old cemeteries, pet cows and little lambs and watched scary New England movies in a dogpile. Wray and I planned our dream future which included vast amounts of time spent on oldhouses.com where we found this most resplendent home (the black barn! AHH the studio possibilities)! Who wants to move in :D?

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