Wednesday, June 13, 2012

doomed desert days

Photos by Shae Acopian Detar.

I'm presently between cooking soup and glittering plastic lobsters in the backyard in Los Angeles. I've been here for a little over a week now which seems impossible since it feels like only yesterday I sleepily and stupidly hopped aboard the Van Nuys bound flyaway bus (meant to go to Union Station). Since being here I've co-glittered five starfish, two lobsters, three logs and one crab and I've got over a dozen un-glittered sea beasts to go. What is all this glittering for, you ask? We're celebrating The Loved One's first year of brick and mortar existence and we're throwing a (naturally, given our baby age) mermaid themed birthday party! If you're in the Los Angeles area please join us this Friday (the 15th) at our shop in Pasadena for a peek at loads of new goodies, tasty treats and Elvia's famously delicious punch!

Along with glittering and broth making I've had the pleasure of shooting twice more with a woman I've quickly become so incredibly fond of, Shae Acopian Detar. We ventured early this Saturday morning to the other worldly Vasquez Rocks. After a two hour winding journey to our destination we unpacked, planned the first few shots and began to march through a small trail to our destination. Not five minutes into our march a park ranger rolls up and informs us that we are not allowed to shoot on a Saturday. He tells us that my costume (the gold dress above) and the tripods are problems and we'll face fines should we continue. Shae politely informed him that what I was wearing was not in fact a costume and something worn on a regular day by some people, people like us. Defeated we packed up and decided to hunt around for another location. After two failed side of the road attempts we found one suitably moon-like rock to shoot against. A quick ten minutes and we were homeward bound and settled on re-scheduling. On our way back through the winding mountains we chatted about anything and everything and found we'd an immense number of (unusually specific) experiences in common. I'd mentioned in an interview long before meeting Shae that I thought her something of a kindred spirit but had no idea just how true that would be! Down the mountains and back to flatter ground I'd figured I'd be safe from car sick but around Glendale I felt that familiar prelude to a ralph feeling, luckily a paper bag of undercooked and over seasoned french fries was readily available. Poor Shae.

Yesterday we had a second desert adventure but I'll have to share that with you alongside that set of photos.

I'm wearing a handmade headpiece by Shae and a dress from The Loved One.

Instagrams after the cut!

 My beautiful friend and bride-to-be Aimee
 NY pal Emma is also in LA! 

 She is the perfect Californian babe. 
 I accidentally dyed my hair a little too purple prior to departing NY. My hands were plum hued the day of my travel and I felt like a rebellious teen. 
  I've made an assortment of floral headbands to decorate the shop (and my head) with. 
 One of my favourite pieces in the shop right now. 
Elvia's wee bundle of joy (who is sitting on my lap right now like a little pumpkin). 

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