Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ballad Of

This past January Agnes and I holed up in the studio and shot a series of candy coloured photos for a candy themed issue of Ballad Of Magazine. The magazine was released just a few days ago and you can snag a copy of your own here!

I'm back home for just over a week now before we're off to our next destination. We'll be stopping by in Toronto for a day as we sight see our way north to my pop's abode. I've not been to Toronto for nearly ten years so I'm a little rusty on what's neat to do (last time I stopped through on a roadtrip I left the city with my best friend's hearted initial tattooed on hip). Can I still purchase 54" wide legged pants on Queen Street? I hope so. Any places not to be missed? Any faces wanna share a beverage or two during our brief stay? Let's get together! 

Photos by Agnes Thor
Clothing from The Loved One

Featured in Ballad Of

Instagrams after!

 My new instagram: Backlit boys
 My mermaid attire for our mermaid themed shop! 
We went through 13,000 of 55,000 dresses in two days! 

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