Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This Is Our Youth

A few shots from last Friday when I met up with photographer, Kimi Selfridge. I very much recommend taking a peek at her ongoing project "This Is Our Youth" here!

This is going to be one of my less rambling on like a grandpa posts. Quickly, before I run out of the house to meet up with friends for a chilly night's stew,  I wanted to mention the top in the second photo here. That magnificent lilac hued, bound and be-tasseled thing is now over one hundred years old and I know it is a shame to some people to wear such antiquities but I am not of that party (having taken part in the destruction of many an Edwardian blouse and bedclothes). My gracious Aunt Dot, who boasts a collection so breathtaking it is all on display as though she lives in a (rather condensed) museum, gave me the blouse last Christmas. If you are cringing at my wearing it I will say now that it has not made it out of the house and is kept safe and worn with great care. I realize this is something a mite more special then 100 year old underpants and oh my gosh look at this, a ramble.

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