Friday, August 11, 2006

on backcombing your hair

Over the (many) years of blogging I've had numerous questions regarding my big brain hair styling so I decided to make a long overdue mini-tutorial on the bouffant. I recommend typing bouffant or beehive into youtube to find a plethora of (those better versed in the art of tutorial making) videos on the subject but hopefully this is somewhat helpful!

1. Grab a chunk of hair from the crown of your head. It can be a ginormous to the bang chunk or a modest bumpit sized chunk as pictured.

2. Maybe you have one of those handy skinny backcombing brushes? I do but I was too lazy to fish it out. Any fine bristle brush should do the job nicely. Grab that brush and backcomb, backcomb, backcomb that chunk of hair. Start at the middle of your hair and "peel" back.

3. Now you look like metal cousin It. Congratulations, you're doing well.

4. Push it back, touch it cos it feels like grandma hair (or my hair for the last ten years).

5. Now pat it down because you don't want to look like a Peggy Bundy halloween costume. Hopefully your bouffant is more even than mine pictured here.

6. If you're having trouble maintaining volume try pinning your hair up with a bobby pin. Kinda like a bumpit, I think? I've never tried one but probably similar.

& here is a quick tutorial on a really tame looking Edwardian do.


2. Brush the top layer of hair so it's smooth and twist your hair into a little bun and secure with pins.

3. Now you are Megan Follows in Anne of Green Gables. Kinda.

And last but not least, the half bouffant!

1. You know, backcomb it.

2. Then pin it.

So there you have it! An excellent example of why I don't often do tutorials. :-/

The best way to do your hair is to just get your hands in it! All the hairstyles I know I learned by just fooling around until it worked. When I was nine I surprised my mum by coming downstairs with a perfect 90s french twist (I was going as Madonna to my friends rockstar themed party and left the house with water balloons stuffed in my bodysuit, super cool.) and then heidi braids and french braids and fishtail braids. I spent a lot of time playing with my arse long hair when I wee.

Just for fun, post your pictures here of your hair mid backcomb! Let's start a community of creepy cousin It photos!

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