Friday, June 26, 2009

FAQ 004

i've received a few emails and comments regarding my make-up application so i thought i would share with you two make-up looks and their steps! long ago in a life before i was a make-up artist and would occasionally instruct people (in the flesh and online) how to apply their own make-up. please feel free to ask any questions regarding your own beauty regime and i will do my best to scrape my memory for answers. 

step 1: naked face! applied evan healy's blue chamomile day moisturizer (heavenly, her whole line is perfect!) then bare minerals powder foundation and brushed my lips with my toothbrush to remove dry skin.
step 2. applied intense red lipstick by make up for ever and used an angle brush (from my paint set, hehe) to dust a light gold shadow at the lash line and beneath corners of my eyes.
step 3. all done! 
look 2!
step 1. applying nars orgasm on the apples of my cheeks in little circular motions. 
step 2. using my dodgy angle brush again to apply a dark brown shadow at my lash line and winging it out a bit so i know where to go with the liquid liner. 
step 3. applied liquid liner starting at the center of my lash line and working out very lightly! i prefer to use a watercolour style liquid liner (where you add the water yourself and apply with a wee brush). next, curling lashes! 
step 4. a sneaky trick to lip enhancement! highlight your pout with a white eyeliner. just a little though so as not to look like a milk advert. 
step 5. another lip tip! shadow your cupids bow very lightly with a pale brown liner or eye shadow.

naked day


  1. I just ordered a sample kit of the evan healy blue stuff! It sounds really nice. I wonder though, what to do about sunscreen? Do you think it would be bad to use some of the evan healy moisturizer in the morning, then my sunscreen moisturizer before I go out? too much? Maybe just at night instead? the sun makes things complicated!

  2. oooo this post was heaven!!! thank you for the babe tips. I used to be sooooooo into make up, kevyn aucoin was my god. I havent used eye shadows in years, these days its just mascara, eyebrow powder, bare minerals foundation and nude or red lipstick, sometimes liquid eyeliner. I have hazel eyes, more brown than green, what shadow colors do you think would make them look like explosive glowing radiating orbs of youth and vitality? xoxo
    p.s. revlon has this nude matte shade right now, I wonder if it would look like gorgeous 60s foundation color lips...

  3. i've always admired your make-up talents hannah, thanks for this post, i'm an absolute duntz at make-up & not knowing what to do with it...xo tara-lynn

  4. I adore this! Thanks for your tips! What a doll you are.

  5. miss anja: my bare minerals has a spf of 15 (not much i know) and it seems to do me quite well but i'm a bit nervous about sunscreen and prefer to take cover with large hats, shade and minimum sun exposure between 11 and 4! i don't think it would be too much though to add a sunscreen to the mix. evan healy's products are so light and amazing. i use all the blue products and my skin has been singing as a result!

    heavy puff: i think a pretty gold or peach would really do the trick! go to the mac counter and try "amber lights" and "paradisco" just a little bit should do the trick!

    tara-lynn: i never would have guessed at your make-up skills for you always look a dream to mee!

  6. What a gorgeous post! Thank you very much for the tips. xx

  7. Thanks so much for this post, Hannah! Great stuff :) I don't wear a lot of make up and am only just starting to experiment with liquid eyeliner. I always seem to make such a mess of it though! Practice, practice, I suppose!

    Only came by your blog about a month ago but loving it!


  8. Aww very pretty! Nice post :) x Sushi

  9. wow great tutorial! ive hardly worn make up since i was a teen but you've inspired me to try again! i also love that you didn't bother putting on a top for the pictures, cute bra!

  10. its funny cause, sometimes people dont realize how much work it takes to look like you dont have make up on sometimes. Thats how you know you did it right I guess. You learn to put on what suits you the best, and it always doesnt have to be full on make up, and I think thats why it looks great on you.

  11. That's a great but funny tip for me about shadowing your cupids bow, because I do the opposite and apply foundation in a sort of deep "V" to define it. I'll have to try it your way :)

  12. love the post! you are such a bombshell...

    perfect nude for me is NARS barbarella... although my skin is very tan, so it will probably be different on you, its still a great nude/pale pink.

  13. You really don't need make're a natural beauty but your make up is sooo stunning on you!

  14. you look stunning! thanks for the tips, i picked up a few new ideas there.

  15. you can't imagine how thankful i am for your tutorial (...the bunch of super complicated tutorials i had to deal with today).


    just a question, i've got brown eyes so i still use the brown shaddow or should i change the colour?


  16. you have beautiful hair


  17. thanks friends!

    Ares: bronze or green shadows are best with brown eyes i think! try them out!

  18. best nude lipstick is Revlon's Matte shade in "Nude Attitude"
    I love it!

  19. This is a lovely post and you're a very lovely woman.

    Thank you for the tips. I have the darkest black eyes and I wonder what's the best eyebrow powder that will complement it.

    I would really, really appreciate the help.

  20. Hey Hannah! I have been meaning to ask you for a while. This is kind of random but I thought it was fairly appropriate place to ask: what is your opinion on combing hair before washing? Like, breakage wise. I hope you have a good answer. !

    Luv Smog


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