Tuesday, February 14, 2012

palentine's day

Dress by Jill Stuart vintage, TBA top, necklace by Lulu Frost  

Dress by Sretsis, Headband by Lunatic, Necklace by Lulu Frost
Vintage necklace, Lunatic Headband, TBA dress 
Vintage necklace, Lunatic Headband, TBA dress 
Shoes by Miu Miu O_O
Dress by ASOS Salon, Top by TBA, Headband by It's Okay My Dear
Dress by TBA

Happy Valentine's Day! A few "outtakes" from a shoot Agnes did for Audrey Grace. It was a nice (and rare) occasion, playing dressing up in pretty new clothes and shoes. I thought these rather fitting for this particularly pink day of the year.

Landon and I are moderate Valentine's day celebrators, I don't think we've ever ventured out for a v-day meal nor have I ever been presented (or presented him with) a stuffy and mylar balloon combo but we certainly don't dislike the "holiday" (any excuse to consume superflous amounts of chocolate and pasta).

Today we shipped off five of Landon's paintings to new homes in Sweden, it's always bittersweet to see them go, I grow attached to them when they hang about our house. After shipping we ventured into the city with Siri to visit Amy's flower pop-up. Amy, if you're not yet familiar, is something of a wizard with floral arrangements. I had a mini lesson courtesy of another flower connoisseur, Siri, on various flower names. Amy made us a most beautiful arrangement and we went off for coffee and a visit with another artist, this time of pet portraits. We were warmly welcomed into Mimi Vang Olsen's studio/shop where we visited with her two kitties and purchased a handful of her (1 dollar!!) post cards (Landon had her sign his, she addressed it "to my Valentine Landon" in red marker, cheeky). After that the three of us wandered over to C.O. Bigelow where I sprayed generous amounts of "Milk of Flowers" on my coat, I think it might be my favourite smell. (Landon, should you be reading this, and I know you will since you love visiting your namesake blog, my birthday is only 10 months away and, well, you know.)

I hope you are all are enjoying a warm evening with the person/people you love!

Photos by: Agnes Thor
Styled by: Jaclyn Bethany


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