Monday, September 10, 2007


we met on in may of 04 when i was a missionary and landon had his haircut regularly. three years, two cities and one immigrant later we are married and in pasadena, land of the generously sized breasts and 14 year old fashionistas. landon is currently studying at art center college of design while i am trying to navigate la's glorious transportation system and get over my fear of sitting in the front left of an automobile. to afford our luxurious pint sized pasadena apartment i work at american apparel as an assistant vintage buyer, collecting vintage goods from around the world to clean, price and tag and send back around the world.

we are planning to update this blog as frequently as possible with our art, photos and daily political musings but will probably end up updating once a week and on only one of those things. we hope that this blog will help keep our bums in gear about pumping out some fun drawings. stay tuned! we'll keep it fresh.


  1. THIRD. i'll link you from my blogggg (what a terrible word)

  2. How did you get a job as a buyer for vintage at american apparel?

  3. Hi Jessica, I met the creative director of the company when the project was just a baby and hopped on board right away! I haven't been buying since moving east but I still do some fun things every once and awhile with them!

  4. Ahhh I see.. As graduation creeps up on me, I am trying to get my foot in the door in buying, particularly in vintage apparel.


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