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oodles of land

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dear readers, i know you are there because my statscounter tells me so. humor me and share a bit about yourself! tell me where your mummy birthed you, what keeps your hands busy during the 9-5 hours? what will future you be doing? who keeps your hands busy during the 5-11 hours? what do you fill your bellies with? and any other bits of information you'd enjoy to share! if you will, i'm a bit stuck as to what kind of information i should be filling this blog with, more personal? or more of "these are my interests in the areas of art, fashion and beyond". or perhaps i should devote this blog entirely to lamenting the absense of kitties in my life. more photos of landon unbuttoned?
kindest regards,


  1. hi hannah,

    i'm emily. i'm your friend from eljay. my mum birthed me in texas. i watch a lot of british tv and make silly cat toys and sell vintage clothing online. future me will be moving out of the state very soon and hopefully to england where i can work at exciting museums and hang out in pubs with c.s. lewis and j.r.r. tolkien. my kitten prudence keeps me busy during the day. she's a handful to keep up with. she knocks all the books off my bookshelves while i sleep and drags q-tips that she digs out of the trash up and down my stairs. and finally i exist solely off of perrier and pop tarts.

    i think one of the reasons why people are so fascinated with your life is that you always mention some very personal details in each of your journal entries. i think posts about your interests interspersed with some tidbits about your life, your drawings and pictures of you and landon would be great and get you more comments.

  2. Hi there hannah,

    I'm also called hannah oh the wonders of having a palindrome name! I'm from the UK, manchester to be precise. I'm currently in my final year at university reading a degree in film. I hope to do something film related more of the theory side than actually being creative enough to make something original though. I'm consuming pasta with chorizo which is by far my fav meal. i also work part time at h&m and i spend my evenings with my poodle eric and my lovely man. I absolutely love your blog I think information on yourself and your job would be greatx

  3. dear hannah,

    my momma birthed me in livingston in scotland, i was supposed to be the first baby born there but another sneaky little bugger beat me to it. I lived in scotland until I was 7 then I moved down to england, this means I have a funny voice because of the english accent trying to takeover the scottish one.

    during the hours of 9-5 i am at college doing fine art monday-wednesday and i spend the weekend 9-5 hours working at an art gallery.

    i like to spend the hours of 5-11 playing with my cat babies or boyfriend, but 50% of my 5-11 hours are spent working at a pub pulling pints for very small amounts of money.

    i love to fill my belly with sandwiches and victoria sponge cake and tea and soup.

    in the near future i am hoping to move somewhere a lot more exciting, travel around europe for a while and spend more time on my photography. unfortunately all of these involve money so working two jobs is going to have to be top priority for the meantime.

    i love how all your photographs are so soft and mily and romantic, they make my eyes sooooooo happy. don't change anything.

    my essay is over now,

    love lyndsay. xox

  4. pretty Hannah,

    First & foremost, i'm going to be blunt & say that i basically read your LJ religiously years & years ago. Your life is intriguing, you must know this by now!..As i'm sure you've been told a zillion times by the people who frequent your blog & are fans of your art, & take a particular interest in the lives other people lead/the people they surround themselves with(as i am.)
    I first saw the world in a city called Shreveport, Louisiana...but ended up in...Arkansas. I can say, it is not nearly as bad here as people assume. Yes, we wear shoes, yes, we have cars. & yes, it is actually a quite beautiful "natural state." But, sometimes my soul feels compelled to be in other places, seeing other things.
    I am an art student at a University here majoring in art education. So i suppose that means i will be teaching art to kids who will either hate it or love it, & if things go my way, the latter will prevail.
    I live with four crazy lady friends in a quaint little old neighborhood, but spend most of my time with my love, whose face is all over my blog.

    I'm actually quite partial to greek salads at the moment, & too often feel the need to seek of sweets of any sort!

    Anything you post is beautiful & dreamy, so anything at all lady! Just keep on keepin' on, youu know?

  5. dear hannah,

    my mummy birthed me in the hospital behind my university in knoxville, tennessee.

    from 7.30-4 I am usually grabbing Huge books about German or Southern Literature (the land down here is mental) or empty mechanical pencils that have mysteriously chewed tops

    from 5-ll I fluff a pillow and bunch it beneath my head and wait to have a bit of a cuddle with Mr. Wiley.

    i want rice with veggies and british tea time in my belly but currently its just burnt pizza

    future will be doing some wandering and researching and listening in Berlin. Future will be doing some teaching some law some writing some gardening some decorating some cuddling

    My favourite things mashed together are art, fashion, beyond, and honesty. you do it well. also everyone unbuttoned

  6. aloha,
    i'm leilani.

    my mum birthed me in auckland, new zealand and ive been here since. (note about my mum: she sends me ridiculous emails every week laden with pictures of animals doing funny things. she rules!)

    during the day i study contemporary photography at university, update my blog, go hunting for collectable porcelain animals, work in a magazine store and eat as many treats as possible.

    the emerging pattern for evenings seems to be listening to bruce springsteen with my boyfriend and dancing around like Courteney Cox in the 'dancing in the dark' music video ha.

    i've been following your lj for the longest time. i love both yours and landons creativity, pure gold! i'm quite the fan of kitty lamentations but i'd also be keen to see more of your inspirations, artist models etc. be encouraged, youre both fantastic.


  7. Hi Hannah,
    I'm Nectar, currently living in Chicago. I just graduated from school majoring in Film and Video and wish to do black and white silent short films. I am also planning to take woodshop and furniture making classes as my second career because i LOVE making and designing furniture. I do crafty things and a thrift 3- days a week. I wish to move to the west coast in san fran before going to europe or australia to stay for a few years before coming back to chicago.

    you should really come to chicago in the summer, it's the best.

    I like the content of your blogs right now. I'm definitely trying to improve mine!

  8. hello lady! i am jen, i followed you here from livejournal (airplanes_). i currently reside in milwaukee, wi which is truly one of the most fantastic places i have ever been in my entire life. this big little city is full of creative people and good beers and a lot of delicious cheese. this is very important to me because cheese is the most delicious thing on earth.

    i eat eggs every morning for breakfast and the highlight of my day is probably the next time i get to eat. i love eating. i have an english degree and i am going back to school to learn sign language. i'm really good at making my hair into a huge bubble ponytail and i drink more diet dr. pepper than anyone on earth. i know more about horror movies than a lot of people and i am really obsessed with cats. i have been in love with jeff goldblum since i was little, which i think is odd but fitting.

    i've been following your blogs and ljs and etc. because you're very charming - you write in a way that makes you seem personable and familiar and like i'm sitting with an old friend. your pictures are beautiful and your life seems interesting. also, you have posted two dresses in some of your photos that i am obsessed with and i always like following your fashion choices!

  9. i was born a streaky-haired wet thing in australia in the mi-to-late eighties. my hands are occupied painting in a studio most days, or idly playing a piano, or sewing strange pieces togther, dying pieces of clothing in bathtubs, peroxiding my hair while watching 'mermaids'. the usual. i will go globewards soon, when i finish my painting honours degree, and get residencies in india and germany and hungary and expand my (fucking extensive) wardrobe as i travel, always. but for now i live in a tiny blue-walled shoebox flat filled with old suitcases and paintings and clothes (oh my!).

    my hands are kept busy after-5 with glasses of wine and a boy who paints pictures of pigs and used to draw portraits of pot plants. he is beautiful. right now my belly is full of coffee & almond milk.

    i love to see pieces of people's lives on blogs (i should do it more, myself). but if you feel the need to lament the absence of kitties in your life - then please, lament away. if we lived closer i'd get you a kitty. if i had a kitty i'd name it bette or marlene. even if it was a boy.

  10. oh hi!

    I am Annie, and we have been friends on Livejournal for quite some time. My mother birthed me in Fort Worth, Texas, sporting a full face of make up. During the 9 - 5 hours I can be found doing anything from going to class or working at either American Apparel or my school's computer lab. I have NO plans for the future, except for that I would like to purchase a very large dog and move somewhere that is conducive to dog-ownership lifestyle. As far as careers go, I would like to do something that I can work very very hard at and still feel a love for. During the 5 - 11 hours my time is usually occupied by my kitten Krindi and a blond boy I've had around for a few years now. I also have the most amazing group of lady friends who I spend a lot of time with. I fill my belly with a lot of sandwiches, homemade pizzas, guacamole, hummus, and whatever aforementioned blond boy decides to cook for me. I drink only water and black coffee!

    Hannah, I think so far the blog is great. Clearly you've kept my attention for a number of years. I love seeing your drawings, your husband's art, pictures of y'all's life together and all the fun little juicy bits.

  11. 'ello. I'm Te, I'm an Aussie who is soon to be moving to Spain. Then I will be a Spussie or..something. I spend my days looking after children who say hilarious things. Today one told me that his grandparents were eaten by the dinosaurs right before the big explosion. Not clear on which exposion.

    I recently found you while link surfing from some other blog..I'm not sure which, I tend to get quite link lost some days. I find your blog quite charming. I like the little tidbits of life, and your photographs.

  12. My Mum birthed me in Auckland, NZ and if she'd just held out for a couple more days I could be born on Halloween which would be awesome.
    During the hours of 9-5 I do a big old nothing but I start studying Criminology in a month. Woo!!!
    My future is uncertain but I hope it involves a country house and some babies and a couple of dogs running around.
    Oh kittys, every blog should involve kittys in some shape or form!
    I love your lj, the photos and the funny entries and your art as well. I imagine you come across all sorts of interesting art/fashion/places, maybe some sort of hybrid blog? No matter what it is, me read it anyway :)

  13. hannah! we are lj and flickr comrades. i was born in california and lived here till i was 13 then to michigan till i was 25 and now im back in la and im married to ray,an english boy that i met on a dorky yahoo Music Club in 2001. my mom is a pretty peruvian. my dad american. i can speak spanish and have had cats at my side everyday my whole whole life. when i was small i used to put snails in the street with my cousin ad wait till cars rain them over. i dont have a job and it sucks cause our living situation, it's not ideal, kind of embarassing accctually ha!... i like to watch the golden girls and tv shows about ghosts! ive just started to drink coffee WITHOUT sugar and it's a revelation. i like to take pictures and that would be an ideal job. or a job helping people, old people<3 oh and we are samesies with movies, the post you did with the secret garden and the ending of the new world. hardcore!!! I think you and your life are interesting and pretty so anything you post is fun to me! yay! xoxo Luisa

  14. I personally am a huge fan of Landon.

  15. hello hannah!

    I am liane, and I believe I found you while aimlessly stumbling around the internet.

    I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but spent the last couple of years living out on my own in Shanghai and Beijing. I spent some time traveling and poking about various corners of Asia. I recently returned to Toronto to start law school. It's been a huge change and quite a bit of work, but I'm discovering new depths of ambition and resilience in myself.

    Most of my days are spent hitting the books; my evenings I spend with my family (moved back home, which ended up being way better than expected!), boyfriend, and lots of half-finished dreams and projects. On the side I sell vintage clothes on etsy and ebay.

    I love the dreamy pics on your blog. In many ways I've put my independent life on hold (where once I lived in a neat little apartment in Shanghai and spent weekends traveling, I now sleep in a twin bed in my parents home in suburban Toronto and go to school every day), so it's refreshing to see someone out on their own and pursuing their dreams in a creative field. It's very inspiring and I am wishing you the very best.

    I appreciate blogs that capture a writer's personality. Yours is a great mix of art and heart.

    On a side note, I just had my first dish of poutine in like three years! And it was delightful.

  16. i wish there was a reply to comment button like there is on livejournal so i could reply to all these lovely stories individually!

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  18. hello!

    i'm katie, i'm not exactly sire how i found your blog but i know i've seen you on lj and other places around the internet.

    i was born on 8/5/55 in monroe,LA but i have lived in Tampa, FL ever since i can remember.
    my hours are a little bit different from 10:30- when ever i finish i do hair at a little 3 station salon. i have been working there since i was 15 sweeping hair and answering phones but after high school i got my liscnse and stood behind the chair.
    from the time i get off work until the time i go to sleep i spend with my wonderful fiancee and my family.
    i enjoy baking and mostly fill my belly with chcolate and home made breads. i also love veggies (which i am growing in my back yard).
    i hope to one day have lots of babies and home school them. i want to live on a little farm self sustaining farm and only consume what i produce. it would also be amazing if that farm was in france, or greece my fiancee's home country.

    i love to see the beautiful soft pictures you post and would love to see more of them. more of you and landon together. i would love to hear more about you presonally, also.

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  20. oh fortuna, i've found you again. years ago i remember your dreamy pictures around vancouver, and your beautiful hair.

    and now, quite randomly, i've just stumbled here from another blog, and here you are again- still crazy in love and beautiful.

    I was born to scottish parents in australia... i've lived in many places but right now i'm in vancouver with my sweetheart while he goes to university.

    i take pictures constantly and try to forget the hours between 9 & 5 where i spend my days... it's post work where things get fun and i fill my belly with delicious food and lots of beer, my hands working at some piece of fabric or creating landscapes with scissors and the inside of security envelopes.

    i just booked a holiday to london in three weeks for super cheap and that's left a permanent smile on my face.

    and i'm happy to have something new to read at work...


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