Monday, May 4, 2009

flickr favourites 002

 by sylvain-emmanuel .P800FawbsX105 by Mig_Rsshot-2009-04-02-[16-24-31] by lecondevetement by ug-Voff? by Lotta Ankargård by Thunderoni by ThunderoniSparks//spiders by fakeneverland by .trevor by coleybrownsinking by coleybrown by coleybrown by joshmurfitt

 by katyafordsshot-2009-02-11-[10-35-18] by lecondevetement by ▼ A  Fötos by youampersandmenazi by lost_in_frost

Brigitte Bardot by Truus, Bob & Jan too!Sophia Loren (1960s) by MsBlueSkybardot by ricokaktus66Flapper inspired by sugarpie honeybunch by ♥Rosita♥sylvie vartan - french singer by sonobugiardopostcard - sandie shaw by sonobugiardogabriella farinon - italian tv by sonobugiardoBates13 by Will KaneEdie Sedgewick by ElfwinBrigitte by ElfwinJuliette Gréco by Truus, Bob & Jan too!
dog by Fernando WSwingingLondon (149) by apertureaperture100.000 views! Brigitte Bardot by Truus, Bob & Jan too!Brigitte Bardot by Truus, Bob & Jan too!
Sharon Tate by sillyshopping"Mahkum kardeşlerime" by FlowereyeJoan Collins by sillyshoppingBritt Ekland by sillyshoppingBritt Ekland by sillyshopping
beldents21 by Will Kane

 by sylvain-emmanuel .P by my clown's revenge

click the thumbnails for place of origin! (soooo many good hairstyles!)


  1. This make me so excited about my hair growing out. I love messy hair. These ladies are hizooot. Vintage pinups are THE BEST.

  2. aren't they?
    i think girl has my favourite face right now. i can't stop looking at her.

  3. So lovely - great inspiration x Sushi

  4. These are all great. Sonobugiardo is my favorite flickr person EVER. So many amazing photos of ye-ye girls.

  5. I love the one of Brit Ekland.
    I wonder if I should dye my hear even blonder? Like hers...

  6. Christine - yes! that picture made me want to go back to blond too!

  7. oh god! you have "Türkan Şoray" in your flickr favourites :]She was one of the greatest actresses ♥
    ( )

    She's soo beautiful and i loved that picture of hers! thanks for sharing :]

  8. senay - her face is wonderful! i'm not familiar with her acting though, i'm sad to say.


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