Monday, August 17, 2009

ruth st. denis

my apologies for the blog neglect - landon has just returned home from a week long meditation retreat and i am presently on a buying trip in phoenix/la all of this week (and last). needless to say i am missing my honey and home terribly and eagerly anticipate our saturday morning reunion where i intend to spend the bulk of the day lounging around bed in minimal amounts of clothing (though breaking to "fashion show" my latest vintage acquisitions, three months on strict budget has left our closet neglected but i've made up for it tenfold having spent just one day rummaging around phoenix antique malls and thrift stores). august is flying by and each passing day has me more and more excited at an autumn in new york. fall is my favourite season for dressing and i am eagerly anticipating donning hats, gloves, capes, socks and eating a variety of pumpkin flavoured goodies. what are you looking forward to wearing (or eating) this fall?


  1. you've hit fall right on the nose! we don't get much of seasons here in sf, but mmm the pumpkin everything will be yummy!
    can't wait to see your vintage finds, and you def must be missing your man!

  2. i used to eat the crap outta whole foods pumpkin muffins

  3. Autumn is the best - probably everywhere!! I love the grey days, Halloween decorations, turtle necks and boots!! I love your weird ass blog by the way!! Keep on!

  4. watching skins, not particularly eating or wearing them... maybe your leopard skin coat eh?

  5. uhm can you please share your vintage finds with US as well?? :)

    I'm looking forward to eating all my filipino comfort foods - like 'turon' green bananas wrapped in crispy spring roll wrappers with loads of brown sugar and a scoop of vanilla ice cream beside. it's the best...

    here's an example:

    x Ingrid

  6. i've just stumbled upon your blog, it is so lovely!
    all your photos and words.
    i am so excited for all things pumpkin this fall. pumpkin muffins and pies, yum!
    and fall clothes are so lovely to wear. i'll miss summer dresses but all the same, like you said, wearing gloves and hats and scarves is something to look forward to.
    hope you're well!

  7. love that dancer (loïe fuller) .and the dog portraits on yer walls.

  8. Oh, will be interesting to see/hear what you found then. Here I just mostly wait for the "winter" season to finish so that I can catch up with the actual summer that you´ve all been enjoying. Oh and btw, I made a post about your beautiful blog and thought I share with the rest of the world :)

  9. L'aube des petits jours, tout y est dit. C'est tellement joli.


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