Monday, November 30, 2009

the brain does more than just recollect

morning eye

bed is best

reflection in a dirty window

Taking a quick and much needed break from the chaos of moving for a speedy update and sharing with you some final moments at our present (as of tonight, old) abode. Will miss very much the beautiful light and space in this home but will not miss dirty feet and frigid temperatures (and lack of showering as a result of frigid temperature leading to even dirtier feet).

I've noticed a significant increase in page visits to this blog and have not, since the spike, asked for an introduction from you, readers! We will be without internet access for the first few days after our move and I would love to be entertained by your stories during our break (thank you blackberry email!) Share with me as much or as little about yourselves as you please! What's your name? Where do you live? What do you do? What do you want to do? Who do you love? How did you come across this blog? Favourite song right now? Favourite website (especially this one please, my internerding time has become rather repetitive)? Favourite book (have just finished reading Women and have started on delightful, not at all like women, Harry Potter)? What do you want for Christmas? Feel free to ask me questions and I will add them to my FAQ tag.

Must get back to moving duties! I look forward to learning about you!


  1. Been keeping up with you two for a while...I love your blog, it's basically my man and I, if we documented our existence more closely that is ;)

    Oh, and we're moving house right now as well! So good luck with it - packing is indeed an exercise in frustration, albeit a somewhat fun one when it's with someone you love.

    A bientot!

  2. hello lovely!

    good luck with the move. i look forward to you getting the internet and blogging resuming!

    i like the idea of asking to know a bit about your readers, and even though i have read your blog for a long, long time now (and it is one of my all time top top top favourites, might i add!), i will answer your questions...

    my name is emma (although my surname is more interesting: lavelle, and that is what i am known by to the majority of my friends). i live in manchester, england, which i love for the familiarity, creative scene and the fact that all my friends know each other, but it does rain a hell of a lot. i am a visual merchandiser, a blogger, and a newly actioned vintage stall holder. I want to own my own vintage/ tea and cake shop. I love my boyfriend, and my friends, and my family. I have read your blog for a long time now and i adore it. my favourite song right at this second is a tie between bon iver 'skinny love' and the phantom band 'folk song oblivion'. My favourite websites are your blog (ha!) and these blogs: niotillfem, daydream lily, here comes the sun and where the wild wolves dream. My favourite books include: The End of Mr Y, The Time Travellers Wife, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Popco, Her Fearful Symmetry, Everything is Illuminated, The Secret History and The Book Thief ( I love to read). For Christmas, I want a kitten, an antique wardrobe and lots of clothes to fill said wardrobe with.

    I think that I will steal this idea and ask my own readers to answer some questions about themselves.
    I hope that you dont mind?


  3. I am Poppy from Auckland, New Zealand, and I am currently a university student. I want to be a lecturer and a writer and an illustrator and a graphic novelist and a furniture maker and I want to breed roses and have an orchard and so many things, I probably won't end up doing any because I cannot settle and decide.

    I cannot remember how I came across your blog, it was so long ago, mentions and links to your blog just seem to be 'around', if you know what I mean. Regarding favourite websites, I have a list of the blogs I read on my website: too many to list here!

  4. I´m Caroline, a Swede studying Writing Fashion and Culture in Siuthampton, England.
    I like being a part of two cultures and I´m a restless spirit that never really can make a proper home cause it always feels like I´m going to leave.
    This autumn has a lot happened, and I´m totally stressing pout because I have so many hand ins at uni.
    And I hope so much that I will get them done and I can´t sleep very well.
    I came across your blog through niotillfem´s blog.

  5. That's so sweet of you to ask... I think I stumbled upon you at Neverending Story (always looking for new entertaining blogs) and loved your blog immediately. I've already given myself a perfume for Christmas (naturally I had to write about that, too), and a camera would be nice... All the best for your move! I'll put you on my RSS feed, so I know when you're back! Sabine x

  6. Is it me or did you guys just move not too long ago?
    I am wishing you luck on the move.

    I would go on and on about myself, but you could just visit my blog and answer many of the questions. Also I don't want to seem as narcissistic as I am! ;)

    I can't remember how I found your blog, It was a while ago now. I really enjoy your posts.

  7. just found this lovely blog (can't remember from where!), and as i said in a previous post, am already obsessed! i'm a fellow canadian, and i'm finishing my last year of university (english lit degree), and cannot wait to find a job and home that i love.

    book? anything by sylvia plath or virginia woolf. song? i have a serious beirut addiction that i will never remedy. ("un dernier verre" is my favourite).

    good luck with moving, i hope all goes smoothly. i love reading this blog, as it provides my life with little touches of glamour that has been so lost since i've been back in school.


  8. oh! and i would love a glimpse on how you get your hair looking so fantastic!

  9. Coming out from lurking (as they say)- Hi, my name is Amanda and I love your blog.

    I'm 21 and a Tucson, AZ native of about 16 years. A stay at home mother/aspiring burlesque dancer and (hopefully) an esthetician sometime soon. I'm a music addict, coffee fiend, arts of all sorts lover and sometimes writer. My favorite writer is T.S. Eliot. My current favorite song would have to be "Wedding Bell" by Beach House, although "favorites" vary from day to day, I am a slave to my emotions (who occasionally actually convinces herself to think logically from time to time to get things done) and a walking example of a Pisces, a Hispanic/Swede hybrid, an Anglophile obsessed with Dia De Los Muertos. A haphazard womangirl.

    I actually stumbled upon your blog via theboobs and was so taken aback by your loveliness that I followed the link to your blog and have been very enchanted ever since. I very much enjoy your wanting of a kitten as I'm going through the same. Kitten fever is plaguing our household.


  10. Grat idea about the questions... :)!! So here are my answers!!

    1. What's your name?
    My name's Libertad, but people call me Libs. Libertad is "freedom" in spanish!

    2. Where do you live?
    I'm from Algeciras, a little city in the south of Spain, but at the moment I'm living at Barcelona... and maybe next year I'm moving to London!

    3. What do you do? What do you want to do?
    I'm a psychologist, but I'm at Barcelona for studying coolhunting... fashion is my passion!

    4. Who do you love?
    My mom, family, friends, boyfriend...

    5. How did you come across this blog?
    I really don't remember, I think I was jumping through some blogs and I found this little piece of heaven!

    6. Favourite song right now?
    I think that at the moment I cannot stop listening to "I knew" from Lightning Dust, it's wonderful!

    7. Favourite website (especially this one please, my internerding time has become rather repetitive)?
    I can't stop looking for this snaps' page, it's so inspiring to me:

    8. Favourite book?
    Mmmm... A clockwork Orange... and Lord of the Flies, they're my favourite books!

    9. What do you want for Christmas?
    Good health for me and the ones I love... and a house at London, hahahaha!

    Hope you had fun :)

  11. *hello, my name is: meg (aka: reckless daughter)

    *where do you live? Laurel Canyon (in LA)

    *what do you do? work in film industry *want to: be able to make a living writing & performing my music!

    *who do you love? I love my boy and my pups.

    *how did you come across this blog? I am one of the newbies but I can't for the life of me remember what other blog I found you through! but I am glad I did!

    *favourite song right now? hmmm...not easy for me...I'll say "sweet loretta" by the idyllists (my boyfriends band)

    *favourite website? I've really been into Swedish style/photo blogs lately, also the clothes horse, cherry blossom girl & Q's daydream (my go tos)

    *favourite book? I like Bukowski too (in small doses) and harry potter. the bell jar was my favorite book for a long time.

    *what do you want for Christmas? a new lens for my camera!

    I really enjoy your blog! thanks for the warm welcome ;)

  12. I just remembered! I found you via: niotillfem!

  13. so cutee. i never reply to these things because it seems so strange to talk about myself to people i'm sure arent interested, but i suppose i love hearing about others, why shouldnt they about me?
    i'm not sure where i cam accross i think? probably. i'm an art student studying experimental photography, glass blowing and textiles. & i write mini stories. i read a lottt. the otherday i finished things fall apart and age of reason, both are amazing. i'm now reading the heart is a lonely hunter, midnight in the garden of good and evil and other voices other rooms (its so very hot here in australia so i'm going through a bit of a southern gothic phase, just finished 'the little friend' again) oh and my favorite book of all time is alice in wonderland, closely followed by the secret history. wow, i ramble. sorryyy. website..hmm ive been here a lot recently (along with everyone else) -

    for music check out
    went to school with the singer and shes amazing.


  14. hi hannah! i can't recall how many times i have probably introduced myself to your internet homes, but i like playing with questionnaires so i will say hullo once again! my name is laura katherine and i live in the first floor of a shabby old brothel house in knoxville. due to the number of adorable comrades and cats that populate the neighborhood it doesn't quite have the faulkner-esque atmosphere you might expect! when i am not sleeping or reading ghost stories, i'm studying art history and french in hopes to one day dress fancy thespians in period costumes, or maybe dress movie sets in antique character. i can't part with movies ever ever! i love so much (food, surrealist filmmakers, our new house fern, my mum & dad, my orphan family and their porches) i found your blog......maybe from lj? i cannot recall! my favorite song right now is the song about food from the Popeye movie or Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights when sung through my beau's mustache. i've always loved,,, and anywhere to watch twin peaks online! i have been trying to begin Lady Chatterley's Lover, but my o so favorite is lolita, which you have probably journeyed through already! i would like a cheese of the month club membership for christmas, o dear.

    i hope your moving goes smoothly! i can't wait to hear about your new place and your new kitten!

  15. Hi Hannah! I've introduced myself a few times on your little internet things! My name is Rhianna (unlike that pop star. And it rhymes with Vienna) I'm 24 and expecting my quarter-life crisis any day now. I live in a cute little house on the outskirts of the Bluegrass region, nestled by some lovely Appalachian foothills in Kentucky. I'm married to a beautiful boy with green eyes and we are parents to a mutt puppy, a beautiful cat, and a fun little fish. I like to tell stories, play dress up, groom myself and others, and act in plays. I'm almost finished with my master's degree and then I will mold young minds in the subject of English so they can read real bad good and such ;)

    You're just so lovely and I started following you a long time ago on elljay.

    Here are some of my most favorite books of all time (but not necessarily as of late) -- His Dark Materials trilogy, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Space: a memoir, I Capture the Castle, and of course Harry Potter.

    For Christmas I would really like a bread maker, unique cake molds and cookie cutters, and other fun baking items. I bake a lot. I would also like for my hair to grow faster.

    I have too many favorite websites. But I spend most of my time shopping on Etsy and looking at tumblr. Here is mine if you are bored, although I'm afraid it's not as fun as the others I follow - -- I actually posted a link to your blog a while ago on mine :)

    ...that's all. Happy moving!

  16. Embarrassing to admit, but I was a super lurkster supreme of your LiveJournal back when I was wee-baby thirteen years old in 2003, much too scared to ever introduce myself then (though I seem to have gotten over it by now!). Six years later, I stumbled on this blog, and have been enjoying it amongst a great fit of general nostalgia that I've been going through lately. I'm Alexandria!

  17. how sweet are you?!
    not sure if I've ever commented but I've been following you and Landon for quite a while... (even creeped up on your wedding and old LJ somehow!)

    well, to further put off writing my french paper, I'll say hi. and that I'm from Vancouver. well, live here now anyway. and I would kind of super love to see the city through the eyes of your camera! maybe one day...

    you can find my love in a pink robe on my own blog.

  18. Oh, wow - well, dare I say it, I found you back in the LJ days, when my screenname was. . .oh, forget it. I doubt you'd remember who I was!

    In real life, my name is still Elizabeth. I'm still in Florida, and while I've graduated, I'm still looking for a job that isn't some goofball big-name coffee shop with cheap health insurance. Oh, the woes of being in our mid-twenties!

    I'm on Tumblr, now, which has a more in-depth, yet still utterly nonsensical, about me.

    I wish I could give you some rad websites to check out. There are tons of great people on Tumblr, actually! I post a lot of old photos from either Shorpy, or from perusing The Commons on Flickr. Bet you're familiar with both.

    Crap, what else did you want to know? Good things for Christmas! I asked for tons of crafting supplies as well as the Pictorial Webster's, and another book on learning to perform card tricks. OH AND A DAMN CONSTELLATION GLOBE. I will cry if I don't get it. Then, when I've dabbed away the tears, I will order one for myself.

    Good luck with the move!

  19. aw, this is such a nice idea! i never thought to ask my readers questions about them. oh, but i'm too shy for introductions...

  20. My name is Georgie.
    I live in Sydney, Australia.
    I study Art History and Cinema studies.
    I want to be a costume historian and work on period films.
    I love my friends, and also some fictional characters.
    I came across this blog through a friend’s blog.
    My favourite song at the moment is Gonna be a big thing by The Yum Yums.
    I could never pick an all time favourite book. I recently finished reading Cold Comfort Farm which was excellent and hilarious.
    For Christmas I am hoping for earrings, as an evil burgler stole all of mine.
    Now I think you should answer all of your own questions!
    Have a cool yule.

  21. it's wray's fink, and your fellow naked galaxy wanderer. i love your new blog home! wray mentioned it to me recently and i'd been meaning to say hellos. (it also reminded me that i had a photo of you and your lovely waiting to get uploaded.)

    my existence is mainly composed of dog-earing book pages, sweetening my tea, and looking up youtube rap videos because i still don't know how to snatch music. a delightful website i can recommend to you is folkstreams, an absolutely incredible library of archive films about men with peglegs, sugarnancies, and steamboat days of old.

    i flew the livejournal coup (sadly) and now reside online at i added your new pet to my list of blogs i enjoy.


  22. I just found your blog quite randomly but have been enjoying it ever since!

    I am Finnish Elena living in Western Australia loving one Jon and studying things that I rather not.
    What I would love to do is get back to my own area of science but people of eye evolution are not in huge demand at the moment.
    (Economic downturn?)
    At the moment I am loving "Home" by The Magnetic Zeros and a book by Yoko Ogawa called "The Housekeeper and The Professor".

    One of my favourite websites is Finnish Karin at
    Oh and for Christmas I would love to have a fun camera lens!

    Puss like the Swedish say!

  23. You are so sweet :)

    What's your name?
    My name is Ami Schaheera, you can call me Ami.

    Where do you live?
    I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You should visit here someday, I'll take you around :)

    What do you do?
    I'm actually an engineer working at a Sony plant here, mostly I work with servers & computers. Yeah booohring!

    What do you want to do?
    I would love to work in the fashion industry instead, most of all I want to design my own shoes collection.

    Who do you love?
    A man named Nazrul, he's my fiance hehe.

    How did you come across this blog?
    Initially I stumbled upon your livejournal, back when I didnt even have my current blogspot.
    Probably around 2/3 years ago?

    Favourite song right now?
    The Duke Spirit - Wooden Heart
    Guillemot - Sea Out

    Favourite website (especially this one please, my internerding time has become rather repetitive)?
    You can check out my bloglist here:

    Favourite book (have just finished reading Women and have started on delightful, not at all like women, Harry Potter)?
    Hmm I haven't been reading for awhile now.

    What do you want for Christmas?
    a Blackberry! Coz everyone has it and I don't :(

  24. I am Marcela, a university student in southern California. I can't for the life of me remember how I came across your blog but I was captivated by your images and fashion. I'm currently studying Psychology but would like to at some point in my academic career study Photography, but it's a rather expensive hobby and I lack the funds. My favorite website is currently tumblr. There are many wonderful artists and photographers who post their work and others and there's always a find to be found. Favorite books...Well, I can always go back and read Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris, he's always fantastic for a good laugh. Currently, however, I've been reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. For Christmas? Lovely clothes, particularly winter coats, scarves and gloves, oh my!

    Congrats on your new abode :]

  25. I just discovered your blog and I'm really impressed by it! I'm adding it to my favourites.

    Love from Paris.

  26. I have a question, about your (both, if you like) creative process. How does it work? Do you have a pattern, or maybe things that help you or stop you from making? Etc.

    I ask because I have been trying to learn my own. Figuring out how to push out from times I'm too sidetracked watching TV online and eating chips. Thats what I do mostly, instead of making something. I think I need a change of pace.

    Ps. I'm Emma. I've been downloading Christmas music today, my greatest find being the Star Wars Christmas Soundtrack. Do you enjoy Christmas music?

    It's nice to know you and Landon, in a kind-of way, thank you internet.

  27. Your photos are so amazing, always. My name is Josie, I'm from Melbourne, Australia but I'm living in London at the moment. I'm studying film, and I want to work in costume design. I love my boyfriend, surprise surprise, and my bosom friend. Right now I am listening to Jane B by Jane Birkin, and I'm afraid my favourite website is this one, which is flattering but not very useful to you I'm sure, but I don't get much internet exploration time while I'm travelling! Am reading 'Persuasion' (Jane Austen) again, 'Emma' is my favourite though. I also just finished On the Road, and loved it. The first Harry Potter is the best In my humble opinion! But I have a question for you, as I see you once travelled to Morocco where I am going in January, what should a girl see there? What did you like best? Any Europe must sees? (if you've been there) Thabnkyou again for your constant loveliness of posting and sharing of inspirations, its awesome!

  28. I think it's so sweet that you've asked this - and I'd love you to do a Q&A soon as well! (Or have you already done one?)

    What's your name?
    I'm Kim.

    Where do you live?
    I live in the Netherlands, nearby Amsterdam, which I love - I think Amsterdam is truly the most magnificent city there's ever been, even better than Paris.

    What do you do?
    I'm in my last year of high school.

    What do you want to do?
    I want to be an artist; I draw. A lot. But I'll probably become a translator of sorts, or I'll be working at a magazine.

    Who do you love?
    I'd like to be able to answer 'my boyfriend' in this one, but I haven't got one. So I'll just have to say my family and friends.

    How did you come across this blog?
    I came across your Flickr first, and I absolutely loved the photos on it - you really have some kind of allure. And via your Flickr I came here. You and Landon create such a beautiful atmosphere in your photos, it's like looking in on a different world, strange but still familiar. I almost can't believe that people's lives can actually look like that - but that's the beauty of blogs, I guess.

    Favourite song right now?
    Elliot Smith - Tomorrow Tomorrow

    Favourite website?
    I love me some blogs: Elinkan, Niotillfem and Flying Saucer (you should be able to google them) are my favourites right now.

    Favourite book
    I'm almost too embarrassed to say it, but right now it's the Twilight series - before I became aware of all the screaming teenage obsessions with it, I'd already fallen in love with its fairytale-like story and heady romance.

    What do you want for Christmas?
    I'm just hoping for something new, that'll make my life more interesting - an adventure of sorts!

  29. My name is Frida, I live in the UK but I am from Sweden. I want to paint but I will end up working in psychology. I can't remember how I came across this blog, it might have been through your flickr. Either way it brigthens my day. I like that you appear to protray yourself quite truthfully, rather than pretend to be perfect.

    I love my family (obviously) and my boyfriend who is living in France for a year. He's coming to visit me in Sweden in a few weeks. I will teach him how to ski and take him ice skating on a lake near my house.I also love my cat Findus, whom unfortunatley lives in China (we had to give her away when we moved) with two male cat buddies. She is very popular now.

    My favorite song at the moment is The Calculation by Regina Spektor, and a Swedish Christmas song "Mer Jul" because it's the only one that doesn't make me cringe. My favorite book is Abarat by Clive Barker, he painted over 100 oil paintings for it and they are incredible. A new favorite blog of mine is because it makes me smile. For Christmas I want snow, a kitten and a knitted strawberry hat.

  30. I'm Alexa and I'm from Austria. I'm currently going to school but since it's my last year I should have some ideas what I want to do afterwards.. but I don't.
    I have a thing for sad songs and odd movies which hardly anyone knows. I love to photograph & draw and I wish I'd be able to capture life the way I want to see it.
    I can't throw away the magazines I buy me and I like to mark sections in books, which touch me (reading Harry Potter at the moment too, not much to underline there but it's still so cute).
    I love the 30's up to the 70's and I'm a horrible fashion addict sometimes. Oh, and I do crazy-baking ~laugh.
    I could never ever live without music and without sunrise/-set. I'm basically a hopeless dreamer ♥

    Two cool websites I adore at the moment:


    Oh, that was fun! Thank you ;D
    May I tell you that I'm completely smitten with you two! You look like the most adorable, fun & extraordinary couple I've ever seen. Looking forward to more posts!

  31. Hello, My name is jessica williams. I'm from texas but currently live in st. paul, mn.. moving to ny next fall. gettin married in may.. my blogs is and i'm greedy and have 2 blogs. i'm also in a little band with my boo called Bear Ears. . I have 2 bunnies named Piggy and Puppy. I'm way into knitting and macrame and taking pictures on my crappy 80s film cameras i find in goodwill. i'm a barista at a law school and i love my job. my all time favorite book is the poison wood bible. my favorite song is anything by rilo kiley. I can't help but keep up my love for jenny lewis. its a well nurtured love that has grown since about 2003 . oh and for christmas i want yarn. thats me i suppose.

  32. What's your name?
    My name is pieter

    Where do you live?
    In Holland

    What do you do?
    I'm a model

    What do you want to do?
    Travel across the world, meeting new people, enjoy life, smile as much as i can!

    Who do you love?
    friends, family, inspirational people

    How did you come across this blog?
    I was just clicking around, your blog is absolutely beautiful <33

    Favourite song right now?
    Probably Regina Spektor - Left Hand Song. Love the classical influence.

    Favourite website ?

    Favourite book?
    I haven't read a book for years now!

    What do you want for Christmas?
    I'd looove to have an old-school levi's denim jacket, white doc martens, ipod touch.

  33. I used to read your Livejournal! And then accidentally stumbled on your blog and so have been keeping up with it :)

    My name's Dorothy, I live in New Orleans, and I teach kindergarten. I want to be a writer/artist/comicbookist of some sort, eventually, and I guess I do do that when I am not preoccupied by keeping myself from making children cry. My favorite song right now is Replay by IYAZ, and my favorite website is I love the book Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block (really like 5 short books, a really magical series about Los Angeles) and for Christmas I think I want some hats.

    Speaking of hats! Where do you get the majority of them? How do you get them to stay on your head? I have such a huge head that it's difficult for me to keep them on and I love vintage headwear! In general you just have incredible style and I think you should write more about shopping escapades!

  34. hello you two my favorite newyorkers :) Everybody is moving these days, except for me :( damn unemployment...

    waiting for your comeback... and will share something with you...
    My name is Ines, i come from far far god forsaken wilderness of a country called Croatia.
    Its a country in Europe, south-east,, and we have our beautiful Adriatic sea just across Italy coast.You should visit during summer, you wont be disappointed. I`m 26, a philosophy major, me likey photography, fashion and books. For all the great sites you can browse through my blog, because i usually put links in my posts when sharing... but maybe i`ll do a special post just for you :D
    How i found you?... first i saw some photos on we<3it, or tumblr, but uncredited, and then i was lucky and clicked you from someones blogroll. I dont remember whose.

    my music likes and dislikes depend on my mood, the day... the weather and sun and the moon :D if i can sing, or dance or play imaginary drums to it - it works for me!
    Thats all from me... i dont find myself very interesting, maybe more odd than anything else, and this is the first time I have done FAQ :D

    looking fwd to your answers, hope internet will be in order soon :)

  35. Hi! I'm one of your new followers and I have to say I think you're blog is brilliant. A little about me.. I'm Hannah, I live in Scotland/England (depending on the time of year), I'm a student studying zoology and when/if I eventually graduate I'd like to do something that combines zoology with art and design. But I have no idea what yet. Or if there are any jobs like that!

  36. Hi Hannah,

    We met on the street in Williamsburg about a month ago. I appreciate and enjoy reading about you and Landon because, as you know, I am going through the painful process of moving to the USA and marrying my American boyfriend. I am now back in Canada again and will be here until my engagement visa is ready. Until then, I will practice much patience and keep couples I know like you guys in my thoughts to tell myself "people do this all the time, you can do it too".

    I appreciate the positivity and I look forward to running into the two of you again soon. Maybe when this is all over, we can go out on a double date. Two Canadian ladies, two American men (who led their ladies astray from their homeland). haha.

    Take care,

    xo Christina

  37. Its so exciting that you guys are moving,I can't wait to see the new place when everything is done:)

    My name is Valencia Lia. Lia is actually my baptism name. 19 this year from sunny island of Singapore!
    I'm a receptionist,blogger and a huge vintage lover!!
    Good books to read:Capote!!
    For Christmas I really want the Sam Edelman boots!

  38. My name is Bec.
    I am not sure how I found your blog, but I just noticed Georgia posted a comment - so she may have put me on to it (we work together).
    I live in Sydney, Australia. I am about to begin a PhD in Education history, I am particularly interested in Art education, and have studied taught Art and Art history.
    My favourite book is probably A picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, but I am reading E.T.A Hoffman’s short stories at the moment and they are pretty awesome. They are the sort of thing you can get lost in – miss your bus stop sort of stuff.
    I also love sloanah is just gorgeous. I also sort of write a blog just to record my research.
    Good luck with the move!

  39. hannah,

    sometimes i just have to hail in after your lovely posts because they take my breath away! i adore your blog, it's artistic, provocative & genuinely lovely. although i don't remember how i came upon it, i do remember when i realized that i actually had met you. i re-introduced myself in a comment post a while back after i made the connection via your dad. the couple of times i met you at the ol' Mc-office in Van. i could sense the vastness of your creativity and would swoon over your fashionating sense of style and haircolour transitions, plus you are just the sweetest girl and your family rocks too! hope your move is a smashing success and here's some things about me:
    i'm lynn and live in Vancouver where the rain does not, unfortunately, make applesauce...but today is sun shiny so it's all good....for now ; )
    i love working anywhere with an artistic vibe and good people to stoke it...recently laid off (reh!) from an office management position and believing the right thing will come along soon. my loves are my boyf, Sean, & our kittehs. home is sanctuary, it's loft style, close to Gastown the ultimate hood, with a huge open kitchen, for someone like me who likes to get my cook on it's genius! the song i'm diggin right now is Monsters of Folk: Dear God, very magical. i'm such a sucker for blogs, they are like the newest, bestest reality tv for sure, especially YOURS, Rockstar Diaries, Bluebird Vintage & A Beautiful Mess but i heart wayyy more. Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert is a fascinating read, just finished it. Christmas wish list includes a fab sony camera, a ice cream lamp from fred flare, a "pixie hat" from pixiebell on Etsy & a terry's chocolate orange at the bottom of my stocking! going out this weekend to shop for our white christmas tree, so excited!

    i'd love to hear more about the things you like and are interested in, art, cooking, fashion, city site pictorials.

    wishing you blue skies and warm sudsy footsies, xo

  40. What an awesome thing to do, getting to know your readers :) I've been keeping up with you for about three months now, I forget how I found you. I'm currently in New Zealand but am planning a move across the ditch to Australia in the new year. So i am feeling your pain about moving, but am also excited to get rid of all the stuff that seems to accumulate when you have lived in once place for a few years!

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing your new place :)


  41. Hey girly!
    I'm giving away some super sexy Kiki lingerie on my blog that I think you'll love!!!

  42. Wow, I had a little too much fun writing this so if you can't be bothered reading the whole thing I just wanted to let you know that I won't be insulted or anything ;)

    I think it's really nice that you want to know a bit about your readers. I don't comment often on blogs but I felt like being a little narcissistic today so here I go ;)
    My name is Sólrún Harpa and I'm from a small valley in northern Iceland. I love living here because of the beautiful nature and the freedom that living in the country brings. Sometimes it gets a bit frustrating though because I love music and I don't really get the chance to go to that many concerts. Also, the clothing stores here have a very limited selection of vintage clothes..but luckily, my grandma had a good taste.
    I'm studying languages and when I graduate I hope I will be able to travel a bit.. or a lot ;)
    After school I want to move to London and get a good job, preferably involving fashion, writing or travelling. I also plan on living in Venice because I think that place is just glorious and kond of magical.
    I read a lot and my favorite books are the Kite Runner and Harry Potter. I think I've probably read the Order of the Phoenix about thirty times and I kind of know it by heart now :S
    My favorite songs at the moment are Rebels in the Roses by Everest, While My Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles and Salute Your Solution by the Raconteurs.
    I came across your blog on NeverEndingStory and immediately fell in love ;) My other favorite blogs are the Style Rookie, Nini's Style and Karla's Closet to name a few.
    For Christmas I would love to get the Beatles box set and some books since I'm in desperate need of new ones ;)

    Kveðja, Sólrún

  43. I only found your blog a week or two ago, and I love it! I kind of stumbled on it in a roundabout way, and I am so glad I have :)

  44. hi!!! i´m from venezuela, i´m 23 and i´m moving the next month to madrid with my boyfriend to study photography .
    i really love your blog mainly because you and your guy are just so interesting and in love, its cute...


  45. I found this blog by an accident and then fell in love with all the beautiful pictures! they always make me a bit dreamy, thanks:)

  46. hello!

    i am enamoured with your blog! i don’t know how i found it but i am also now deeply devoted to your flickr and livejournal and general internet presence.

    my name is aurelia and i come from sydney, but i’m moving to berlin next year due to early onset quarter life crisis (i’m 20). i’ve been studying law, history, politics, literature etc but really i would like to write short stories and essays (and eat lots of food and read books and watch movies and go to the beach and have sex ten times a day) and study philosophy and art history.

    favourite songs: son of a preacher man, lilac wine, she’s so heavy, china doll (i am asian and this song is about me)

    favourite books: lolita, catcher in the rye, norwegian wood, white teeth, steppenwolf, death in venice, picture of dorian gray, breakfast at tiffany’s, harry potter, streetcar named desire, the blind assassin, american short stories of many flavours, also i love sylvia plath, t.s. eliot and shakespeare

    what I want for christmas: long socks

    here are lots of questions for you:
    - what are your favourite historical periods?
    - who are your favourite ladies?
    - what is your most favourite outfit?
    - who are your favourite artists and photographers?
    - what is your all-time most embarrassing moment?

  47. Hello, I have been following your blog for a couple months now and I absolutely love it. I think you an your husband share an amazing love that not many do not attain anymore. And my dear you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. My husband is a photographer as well and I like to look at your blog for inspiration. You are true muses. Good luck with the move.
    With love,

  48. Hi Hannah.

    Lovely blog - I've been following your adventures for a while now. It's always a treat to read! I live in a warehouse too and am constantly finding things attached to my feet.

    I've actually put some piccies up of it on my blog today - - as I'm starting to document all the little homes I have.


  49. Hello!
    I really enjoy reading your blog, it's always really pretty!

    My name is Jordan, and I just started my blog- never done it before, so we'll see how it goes! But i'm in love with vintage fashion, and get in trouble at work for pushing the envelope with clothes. I'm going to school to be an esthetician and in my free time I work on cars with my welder boyfriend!

    Well, that's about it! :-)
    ~Jordan :-)

  50. Hi Hannah. I'm Stephanie, a freelance writer & painter in Asheville, North Carolina. I found your Flickr initially, through the lovely irene_adler. Your photos are just so enchanting and I love to lust after your amazing wardrobe.

    Lately I have been spending far too much time admiring the photography of Courtney Brooke ( I can't possibly choose a favorite book, but I'm currently reading "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" by Susanna Clarke. I have also gotten sucked into an amazing universe of new-to-me music lately including Devendra Banhart, Ex Reverie, Voice of the Seven Woods, Six Organs of Admittance, Rio en Medio...

    I want a Holga for Christmas (and I'm pretty sure I'm getting one, yay!)

  51. Hello. Thanks for the great postings.

    My name's Rachel. I'm a sophomore journalism student at the University of Texas at Austin. I hope to launch a magazine with my best friend one day.

    I DJ here for the student radio station, KVRX. We play "none of the hits, all of the time." It sounds schmalzy, but I am so passionate about independent radio and independent media in general, and I love what KVRX is doing for the Austin --and world-wide, since we broadcast over the web as well--music-loving community.

    That said, I LOVE music, so it's hard for me to pick something specific out. But lately I've really been going through a funk/soul phase and listening to a lot of Lee Fields and Shuggie Otis.

    My favorite books are Lolita, The Road, and House of Leaves and anything by Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick or Italo Calvino. Right now I'm reading Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlife. I highly recommend it for light reading.

    I'm obsessed with space...and Carl Sagan.

    Favorite internet haunts? That would have to be other fashion blogs, Nerd Boyfriend, Videogum, Design Observer (amazing for finding cool old photographs, look under the "Today" section), Coilhouse, I Love Hot Dogs, and various sites here and there that I can't recall now.

    Thanks for your interest in your readers!

  52. Hi, there, my name is Caroline and it's my first time here, love your blog from what I've seen so far :)Live in Stockholm, Sweden, working in Finance, wants to do a lot :)Love my family and my friends, found your blog via Fashion Canvas.

    Have a great weekend!


    A Piece of Passion

  53. Hello Hannah,
    I am Viivi, live in Helsinki, Finland and study and work with art education and culture politics. I found your blog via some other blog, can't remember which one... I love bunnies, inspiring art, my boyfriend, tea and dresses. And ukulele music is my newest crush.
    My favourite song this week is Ole Buttermilk Sky by Hoagy Carmichael. My favourite book of all time is Watership Down. My favourite website this week is Learn something every day. For christmas I wish a keyboard to practise piano playing and books.
    Your blog is pretty. I like it.

  54. Hi lovely Hannah,

    my name is Jenny. I live in Sydney, Australia. I am a bit of a perpetual day/nightdreamer, but between the hours of 9 to 5 I work with kids and adults in the community who have a disability with living skills...I want to spend every full moon night on a rooftop with friends chatting away...I want to take months off from work to slow down, take road trips to the beach, search out berry picking spots, stop in at random markets...soak in summer and make floaty floral summer dresses that I will want to wear all of the time!

    I love...people who love life and share the little things that get them excited with others.

    I came across your blog through my sister who reads it very often and gets me to have a look.

    Favourite song at the moment is "let's get out of the country" by camera obscura (but it changes!)

    Favourite websites:

    the clotheshorse:

    and this one. and others...sorry, can't think of them at the moment though as I spend more time reading books in my spare time than reading blogs - I know I am missing out!

    favourite book: this is a really hard question, I like everything from twilight books, 'the blue castle' by L.M.Montgomery, tamora pierce series for beka cooper, 'the spy who came in from the cold' by john le carre, 'the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society', to marian keyes books and I love going back and rereading books that I used to read as a kid. I read the last book of the harry potter series so quickly (all-nighter reading) that I can't recall all the important details so I think I will go back and reread that also!

    I want.. (!!!)hugs from all my friends who I haven't seen for months, low key dinnerparty, a set of fairy lights and dark blue nail polish for Christmas and last but not least..hummingbird cake!

    Thanks for reading Hannah. Good luck with the moving duties!

  55. Hi hannah! I've been lurking around in your blog for a while, cannot remember how I got here the first time. Thanks for peeking at my blog every once in a while and commenting. You're so nice and the pics in this blog are gorgeous!
    I'm currently reading "French women for all seasons" (the "sequel" to "French women dont get fat") mostly for recipe ideas...and because it was $5 at Albertsons!
    Outside of the internet Im a software engineer that moved from the warm caribbean to make software in Seattle. It was a drastic change but I really love my job, and even met the boy I love here. I really owe a lot to this city. :-)
    Take care and have fun in your new home! :D <3

  56. What's your name? Hannah Emily Stocker

    Where do you live? Cold Northampton,England.

    What do you do? I am a full time dreamer. Photography is my passion as well as singing in the shower, but seriously one day I will make something of my photography.

    What do you want to do? Well right now I want to clean my house, then grab the camera and drive somewhere to do some photography. Then Im going to go for hot chocolate in town and think of shoot ideas for tomorrow.

    Who do you love? I love my family and best mates. If it wasn't for them I would have never have made this:

    did you come across this blog? I found this lovely blog by browsing some of the other amazing blogs on here.

    Favourite song right now? Robert Pattinson's- Let Me Sign.

    Favourite website: I have so many, flickr, Anter Magazine the Twilight website.

    Favourite book: The Colour Purple. However I am about to read the twilight books and am sure they will be my fav as they will inspire my photography.

    What do you want for Christmas? For Christmas I seriously just want to be happy. Presents are great dont get me wrong but I just love hanging with my family and taking pictures. This year that is all I am going to do but this year black and white ones.

    I hope this gives you an insite into me.

    Hannah x

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. My name is Sarah Elizabeth. I came across your blog via your livejournal (we're friends on there! looksthat__kill) I reside in philadelphia, PA (the cheese steak city.) I live in a little apartment with my bearded boyfriend and out three cats. One of my cats has Cerebral Palsy...and he is the love of my life. He's big and fat and has a white goatee.
    I work with the elderly which sometimes means I have to clean up poo. But I don't mind so much. My dream is to be a photographer for national geographic!
    Also, I want to travel around the country in an old motor home and visit thrift stores along the way.
    a few of my favorite websites are as followed!
    My favorite book is On The Road and for christmas...i want a digital SLR and some new tights. I rip my tights with extreme ease.
    That's all!

  59. Reading these has been a pleasure! Thank you all for sharing your stories!

  60. hej sweet heart, you always so beautiful!... hope you like what i wrote about you on my blog. Kisses <3

  61. i've been following you since way back when (ie before you were married) on livejournal.. i was addsubtract. flickr too (/meeshelle). only found this blog a couple months ago, so i might as well respond!
    my actual name is michelle. that answers a few of the questions already.

    Where do you live? portland, or but moving to chicago, il in january.

    What do you do? i'm a baker.

    What do you want to do? good question. ideally, photography. i have other ideas for "careers," but.. who knows.

    Who do you love? my boyfriend of two years, peter. others with truly kind hearts.

    Favourite song right now? this question is too hard, but i really feel like hearing the black cab sessions version of beach house's "heart of chambers" right now.

    Favourite website: the new makes me bounce all over the internet with photographic glee. currently on for holiday "cheer."

    Favourite book: 100 years of solitude. definitely.

    What do you want for Christmas? warm things for chicago. socks and a hat and thermals/longjohns. an apartment, too!


  62. Your blog is such a breath of fresh air, so delightful and joyous! A real source of inspiration, thank you for your many morsels of goodness.

    If you have a moment or two, please amuse yourself with my new creation. I would greatly appreciate the brief moment of adoration and any suggestions.

    Thank You.

  63. such a beauty!

    My name is karafina and i am a hairstylist living in san francisco. I came across your blog when i saw you on the quicksilver blogger photoshoot. Your vintage style and beauty appealed to me, and i have since been a reader of your blog! Hope your move is going smoothly! take care!

  64. My name is Camilla and i live in Malmö, Sweden. I am studying social work right now. I want to help people and be happy!
    I love my family, my cat and my faithful friends.
    I have read this blog for so long but if i remember correctly i saw some of your pictures in another blog and that's when i came here.
    Quelqu'un M'a Dit-Carla bruni is my favourite song right now. is a great website, he is a fantastic photographer, check out the romantic photos, they are beautiful! Check out this blog as well
    I have just finished reading I am Dina for the fifth time, it is a great book!

  65. 1. What's your name?

    2. Where do you live?
    Boston right now but NYC starting in January for 6 months, then maybe back to Boston?

    3. What do you do? What do you want to do?
    I'm a student, but next semester am working for Time Out Magazine

    4. Who do you love?
    My family, J Tillman and Sufjan Stevens

    5. How did you come across this blog?
    I think I found you guys on Livejournal, but last year Landon made some art for me thats amazing. Its my favorite piece (well pieces) that i own :)

    6. Favourite song right now?
    Boy Lilikoi by Jónsi

    7. Favourite website?

    8. Favourite book?
    I'm not really sure, I don't get a chance to read much (besides my school textbooks) but I really love to read architecture magazines

    9. What do you want for Christmas?
    I want a new lense for my Nikon, but I ruined my phone two days ago, so I don't think I'll get anything :/

    i love your blog!! hope moving went well!!

  66. Awww I don't want to miss out! I've just been super busy working and have been rather blog deprived :-(

    Let me introduce myself! I'm an Australian girl who loves all things artsy and crafty but work as an industrial relations consultant (Random mix eh?). I think chocolate is divine, love having baths in rolled oats for soft skin, and am rather meticulous about hanging clothes on the line properly. Currently reading the annotated version of Pride and Prejudice (so you can understand weird things like why they took the carriage instead of the buggy or whatevs).

    So happy to meet you! How do you do?

  67. What's your name?
    Claire Lael (lay-elle) Jewell.

    Where do you live?
    Sydney, Australia :)

    What do you do?
    Currently i'm in that transitory period, when you've just finished highschool about to enter the big bad world slash go to Uni... not sure which path i'm choosing yet... haha.

    What do you want to do?
    Make pretty things, write words and somehow put them together to create something beautiful and lasting.

    Who do you love?
    My best friend, Jocelyn, she's heaven sent.

    How did you come across this blog?
    Through one of my favourite other blogs; Here Comes The Sun.

    Favourite song right now?
    Alligator Tegan and Sara

    Favourite website (especially this one please, my internerding time has become rather repetitive)?

    Favourite book ?
    The Truth about Forever (Sarah Dessen) / Tender is the Night (F Scott Fitzgerald)

    What do you want for Christmas?
    Art by Kareena Zefeeros...Fairy Lights....A tree to hang my jewellery...Money for a trip to the US to see the family i've never met!

  68. My comment is late, but this seems like such a great idea that I had to participate! My name is Catherine and I live in Taipei, Taiwan. I was born and raised in north California and lived in NYC before I moved to Asia two and a half years ago. I came here to join my husband. It's been a crazy trip and I think we make an interesting couple -- he's white but has lived in Taipei for 10 years, so his Mandarin is more fluent than mine (though he denies that!) and he's much more familiar with Taiwanese politics, history and culture, though I am the one of Taiwanese descent! I came here to be with Ron, but to also learn Mandarin and more about my family's heritage. They all make up the warp and weft of my life (along with my cat, Taroko George -- my husband and I are crazy cat people). I am a features reporter at an English-language newspaper here and I can't think of anything else that I'd rather do (aside from have a better complete rate on my craft projects!).

    I came across your blog through your Flickr photos. My favorite song right now is "Cat Fancy" by The Long Lost because it reminds me of my family's cat, MeiMei, who recently passed away unexpectedly.

    As for a good Web site... I think you might like, which is run by the Chronicle of Higher Education and compiles articles from many different publications on art, literary and cultural criticism. I don't have a favorite book in particular, but I love the Little House series and right now am reading "Animals Make Us Human" buy Temple Grandin. I don't want anything for Christmas except better health because I have a chronic condition that I was recently diagnosed with. While, to be honest, it'd be nice to get an iTunes gift certificate so I can download yet more useless apps like Cat Piano, Atomic Fart and Max Injury for my iTouch! :-)

    This might seem like too personal a question, but I'm curious about your past missionary work and what it was like for you. Do you still have the same beliefs? If not, why? I've had my own journey with religion (I used to be Christian and now I'm a secular humanist), so I'm always interested in hearing about other people's experiences.

    Thank you so much for this entry, I had fun with it!

    the renegade bean

  69. Hi:

    I just found your blog and your pictures are lovely!!
    My name is Lena and I found you "Miss Lulu and the teaspoon shortage"
    I like your style a lot!

  70. What's your name? Anna
    Where do you live? Omaha, Neb.
    What do you do? What do you want to do? College student, I'm studying spanish, because I'm not sure what I want to do.
    Who do you love? Beautiful clothes, shiny stuff, people that smile, eating yummy food, traveling, etc
    How did you come across this blog?
    Found some photos on flickr, and it lead me here

    Favourite song right now? I'm so obsessed with "All is Love" by Karen O and the Kids
    Favourite website ? Made my Day, Facebook, and so many blogs
    Favourite book ? I abosolutely adore Valley of the Dolls (But due to a horrible english experience I don't read much)

    What do you want for Christmas? I love to get a pair of black boots. And a much better camera. (For months, I've been complaining that I need a new one, I hate my point and shoot).

  71. oh I read this post ages ago and I meant with all my fingers to go back and write my answers.. well part of me is that I'm a bit of a rabbit.
    name Emma-Jean, Hobart - Australia,
    I work at a library by day and make jewellery with my friend pip in the time inbetween.
    I love Francis Farmer, Sarah Bernhart, Isadora Duncan, Margot Fonteyn and anyone I think is in need of love.
    I think I was searching for a blog I could really really love and went on a long treacherous internet journey and found your castle.
    I have been listening to the 'Where the Wild Things Are' soundtrack a lot as well as an album by 'The xx'.
    At the moment I'm enjoying
    I can't tell you a favorite book, off the top of my head are three short stories
    1.Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan.
    2.Love, The Frontier by Emily Anderson (found in McSweeney's25)
    3.Bliss by Katherine Mansfield.
    For xmas I wanted a puppy that i might have named footsie.
    Thanks for sharing your specialness dear heart


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