Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday was spent recovering from previous night's activities (Company exhibition was super! Saw loads of smiling faces that I've been missing on the east coast. I hope you enjoyed the show if you made it out!) and on the road to Arizona so I missed the opportunity to make this post on the proper date. That date being the celebration of birth of my beloved California companion and talented photographer Aimee Brodeur. Happy Birthday my beautiful friend, I hope it was a joyous occasion filled with delicious snacks, friends and possibly a bulldog puppy? I wish I could have been there to storm you with love and kisses! You've brought such joy to my life and I eagerly anticipate the day that sees us all in the same city again. You are an inspiration and a bright star. I wish you love, joy and many adventures in your new age!

I love you my Aimee.

we belong together


(above two pictures taken by her talented love Michael, also pictured, poking her nose)



(See Aimee's gorgeous photographs here.  Her photography is an adventure - a sumptuous feast for the eyes.)


  1. Her photography is beautiful. It must be awful not living in the same place as your best friend. Happy birthday Aimee! xx

  2. Everything about this is beautiful- her images, your tender words, and all of your faces.

    Sarah Louise

  3. Arizona huh? Maybe I'll run into you lol

    Always thought Aimee Broduer's photography was so wonderful! Inspirational.

    So, Happy Birthday to her

  4. Gorgeous photography! Both of them are really talented - thank you for sharing!

  5. I love Aimee's photographs, her adorable topknot hair do and your sweet relationship! What an awesome pair of friends.
    the renegade bean

  6. Very nice photographs. I kind of miss my best friend who life far far away from me, actually all of my friends do, except for the one in uni.But friends are great and internet is the best invention ever to stay in though through.

  7. such sweet words... thank you. It is tough being away from your best friend, but photos and emails get us through. xox love you

  8. such a sweet sentiment, and such beautiful imagery. thank you for sharing!

  9. wonderful photos (and a nice tribute to a friend)...

  10. Hey girl...
    Let me know if you fancy getting together while you're in AZ. A little thrift shopping or some tea perhaps???

  11. Arizona?! You should stop in Tucson, great place to take pictures! May I be your tour guide (in a total non-creeper way).

  12. There is nothing better then looking at great photos of pretty ladies :)

  13. I adore Aimee's photos. Such a talent!

    Good friends are precious.

  14. So good to see you, Landon. Hannah I wish I could have stayed longer to say hi! Excellent show - congratulations!! Hugs and kisses and all that jazz.

  15. I like the photo where the man touches her nose. To me, they look so sweet.

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  16. You really did have a great time in London. Have a great day.

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  17. photography is so beautiful, and Im so inspired by your blog, will def follow :)

  18. The third photo down is so lovely, it makes me want to drag my friends down the the beach with my camera in tow!

  19. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, one of my favorite books. Congrats of your show guys, the pictures look amazing.
    Miss ya

  20. you look perfect in every picture...I wish you posted more...


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