Wednesday, July 28, 2010

keep a dollar in your pocket


Well friends, I'm taking the plunge! Starting a business is proving quite a costly venture and I have an insatiable desire for cheese but cannot presently afford to cram my noggin full of the stuff (perhaps for the best as dairy and belly do not always agree). If you run a business dealing in handmade or vintage attire and are interested in advertising I would love to hear from you! I promise you readers that I will be especially selective and wont be participating in any kind of sneaky advertising.

For information regarding site stats, rates and spots available please contact me at hannahandlandon (at) hannahandlandon (dot) com!

ps. A "mix tape" for your listening enjoyment available here! Click below for the artist list :).

Artist List:

1. Omar Souleyman - leh jani
2. Delphine -la fermeture eclair
3. Le Tigre -deceptacon
4. CBC Band - tinh yeu tuet voi
5. Erkin Koray - aflk oyunu
6. Teppop - kanojser elektro bornekor
7. Erkin Koray - gonul sal
8. Johnny Hallyday - mal
9. Gary Higgins - stable the spuds
10. Bobby Beausoleil - movement the second
11. Lubos Fiser - and the lasat
12. Rev. Sister Mary - judgement
13. Grippers Nother Onesers - feed the shadow

If you like this I'll make lots more in the future! These are just a handful of swell summer jams to relax and shake your bums with!

(Just realized that they download horribly out of order as I left the original track numbers on, whoops! I promise it was a little more considered!) 


  1. yay, thanks for the mix tape! i need new summer music! good luck with the advertising, i'm sure you'll find some suitable partners :D

  2. Sounds amazing :)


  3. just downloaded the mix tape! so wonderful! :)

  4. Yaaay! Thanks for the mix tape! I love hearing other people's summer jams.

  5. hehe, yay! i hope you like it! i forgot how much fun it is to make mixes! i think i'll be making many more in the future!

  6. Oh Hannah, I trust you in all of your endeavors and ventures and I love this post for its delicate and diaphanous cautiousness. Good luck finding sponsors. Even though I'm sure encouraging cheese consumption is not something a lot of bellies want, I still want you to have all the cheese in the world that you can have!


  7. I would love too!
    My handmade label is on a bit of a hiatus while I finish my studies- but once it returns around September, I will be sure to flick you an email
    Kelsey xxx

  8. How fun! I think it will be a success. You're both so talented.
    Thanks for the mix tape!

  9. I'm happily surprised you know Teppop! I played that song on repeat for a whole summer some years ago. The mix looks really good, will hopefully have time to listen to it soon. Thanks :)

  10. Thanks so much for the playlist! I love the Le Tigre song and the one from Valerie and Her Week Of Wonders. Please make more!

  11. love it!
    you don't have spotify account?


  12. These are so much fun - thank you!

  13. oh, cheese. you are the bane of my burgeoning waistline. but at least you have calcium?

    that mix is crazy lovely, looking forward to more in the future!

  14. I feel the exact same way about cheese. Exact.


  15. I cannot wait to take a listening gander! Thank you Hannah! X

  16. oh TOTALLY wants to know more about this!!!


  17. Oh my god! How is it possible that you know Erkin Koray!!

  18. Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.............................................................

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  20. a girl's gotta eat! (...cheese and other yummy but expensive things.) good luck on the advertising! you're fantastic.

  21. ooh I can't understand that you say because I'm french.. why why whyyy
    but I think I try to download the mix tape!


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