Wednesday, August 18, 2010

within sight of my heaven





It's so beautiful here that I'd like to stay forever (something I never thought I'd say about the Ottawa region)! Every tiny task is made a million times better because of my surroundings - even doing the dishes and sweeping the floor is cheerful and fun. The cottage is three floors and on a hill with 30 (what!) windows on the third floor so it feels not unlike sitting up in a tree-fort. Best of all though is my little kitty friend who follows me everywhere and wakes me up by sitting on me and kneading my belly (aiding digestion?) I woke up the other day with a tiny paw sized bruise near my ribs thanks to her enthusiasm.

Landon's been on regular boat outings and is becoming quite the proficient kayaker. I made a rather pathetic attempt at my own outing but instead fell into the water while stepping into the kayak. Floating around on a water cushion suits me and my lack of balance a little better I think.

I realized in a quick review of my blog that you must think us rather solo characters, floating through life with just each other as company. I should remedy this one day and actually share with you some pictures and stories of the wonderful people who make our lives bright and exciting!

Click here for your musical mix! :D

(ps. Thank you for all your literary recommendations! I've not had a chance to get to the library but was incredibly pleased to find that my dad had brought his own collection up to the cottage! I have already made my way through Wuthering Heights and am presently reading Lady Chatterley's Lover with Women in Love lined up after! I will definitely be putting your list to good use when I'm home though and would recommend taking a look at the comments yourself should you be in need of reading inspiration.)

he he he


  1. Such a lovely blog, really amazing pictures...

    Please check out my blog here

  2. your blog is really lovely I love the photos

  3. when kitties do that, they're trying to get the milk out! obviously that kitty really wants some milk. gorgeous pictures, it looks really beautiful there! wish i was out in the country instead of sweating to death in the city...

  4. Oh Hannah, I'm envious of your country life. I've been riding the steaming subway all over Manhattan and Queens and Brooklyn, and pitying myself and my sweat stained clothing. I would love to learn how to swim and actually be able to go into the water one summer, and as a side perk I'd love to be not allergic to kitties so they could paw at the skin covering my digestive tract! You have all the gems in life that are not available to me right now.

    I don't know if I gave you any literary suggestions last time, or if you are still in need of any, and I don't know if we have the same tastes at all, but I know that Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder made my mind expansive for the first time in my life and one of my best friends wrote a her college essay on it and got into Stanford! It's a non-fiction book about the Museum of Jurassic Technology, but also about wonder, ant spores, colonialism, convergences in nature and art and lies, and the history of wonder cabinets and museums. It's by Lawrence Weschler.

    I'd also suspect you might like Penelope Fitzgerald's The Blue Flower, which is a novel about the German Romantic Poet Novalis and his tumultuous life and the time he fell in love with a 12 year old! My favorite book of all time is George Saunder's Pastoralia, but that's not so much in a romantic or dreamy vain, although I think the greatest romance is savagely demented and dirty humor and a compassion for humanity, both of which Saunder's book possesses!

    I hope you are having a beautiful time and continue to have a beautiful time, Hannah!


  5. Great idea Hannah! I'll definitely be checking out some of the comments on book recommendations. I've just finished Catcher in the Rye and need some new stuff.

    On a different note, today was my first day of a drawing class I am taking. I thought I might share that with u, I'm so excited for it.

    Oh and what a serene photo of you in the water (the first one)! I can imagine cottage getaways are full of inspiration. In fact, Bon Iver's album For Emma was written and recorded in a cottage.
    (Definitely an album you should check out if you get the time).

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that would love to see the drawings and other crafts you create while there.


  6. colleen - kitty was looking in the right place! no milk though, NOT YET!

    jenny - I always look forward to your comments and I will for sure be checking out all of your recommended books! Especially exciting to me is the Jurassic Technology one as that was, hands down, my favourite spot in LA to visit. I hope you'll still be in Brooklyn when I get home as I'd love to have a date!

    melissa - have a terrific time in your drawing course! I always wish I could take one! Maybe when a few extra coins jingle in my pocket I will! I hope you'll be sharing your projects on your blog! I'll definitely do a little crafty post when I'm back home of my time spent here, it's certainly an environment that encourages creativity.


  7. I love the first photo. It looks so still. Also it reminds me that I still don't know how to float on my back.

  8. It looks just paradisical... and if such a word doesn't exist... well, it should! I'm very envious of your kitty adventures too...

  9. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, so nice to know you visit it <3 you are a beauty and a true style inspiration!

  10. fun fun! and LOVE the first photo :))


  11. What an idyllic place! It look so peaceful :). My kitty kneads my belly too - but I've read it's because they want to make a 'nest' and just make themselves comfortable. My cat is quite old so I don't think she wants milk when she's kneading my belly/lap :).

  12. Ahh you must be in kitty heaven!

    It does sound like paradise, I dream of living somewhere like that, instead of dirty, concrete city life


  13. I love those photos-they look like lovely little screen captures from a movie, wonderful :)

  14. it looks so lovely! and the cottage sounds amazing. (and the picture with you getting up from the water is so cute). :)

  15. I live in Maine and this post reminds me that I need to be bringing my little ones to the lake more often. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. It's so nice to read a blog that is not about buying and wanting and acquiring. Love and Beauty and Creating and Existing and Nature!!! The back float is where it is at, Hannah! It seems like it shouldn't be possible, but then it just feels so natural. I love these photograph s. Yours Truly, Molly.

  16. Your pictures are so beautiful!

  17. Oh my lovely inspiration is back!!! How have I missed you!! Your adventures fill mu heart with joy and wonder . Am sorry but my words cant do your amazing photos justice so I think all I can say is am mesmerized!!

    Take care hope you and Landon are doing Brilliant cant wait for you next post darling♥

  18. Beautiful, indeed!

    My mom bought me The Anne of Green Gables Treasury as a birthday present, and I thought to myself, I wonder if Hannah has a copy?

    <3 JanaĆ­-Chanelle

  19. Sounds like paradise to me! I wish I could live such a lifestyle. One day, I think ultimately that would be something I would do. Buy some land in outside some secluded unknown town and build a family life :)

    If you ever need help sweeping or cleaning your house, I volunteer! Just to get a glimpse of this beauty!



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