Wednesday, September 8, 2010

filling your drawers

I finally added a video to our Kickstarter project page! Initially I had intended to do a friendly introduction to our line but after multiple failed attempts I admitted defeat and did the next best thing - whipped my head around and flapped my arms in slow motion to the tune of Deceptacon (har har har) by Le Tigre.

We have 3,011 to go and 24 days left! My fingers are crossed so hard that some fashion week miracle will occur and we'll pull through and reach our goal! Speaking of fashion week, while I don't think I'll be attending any of the official events I am planning on hosting a mini "fashion week" of my own here! I've lined up interviews with some inspiring creative buddies working in the industry (starting with my mysterious partner Elvia) to share with you (really looking forward to this)!

I promise a refreshingly "hannah-free" blog when this Kickstarter project is through! O_O More paintings, less pantless me pleading for help!


  1. Hannah, you pants are wonderful! I really hope the funds come thick and fast!


  2. Thank you Ellen! I'd love to send you a pair once we're rolling!

  3. Hannah, I'm rooting for you and your amazing lingerie line! I'm more excited by the news of your mini fashion week than actual fashion week. Fashion week is scary and maybe unnecessary, but what a hypocrite I am for saying so as I'm attending a glutted schedule of events, and am half trying to be unaffected and am half having anxiety dreams where cat burglars barge into my room and stare at me while I sleep (only to find out this morning that it was my father stealing envelopes from my room.)

    Still, I'd so much rather lounge around in my underwear all week than get dressed up in clothes that I will probably end up staining in the worst way!

    with love,

  4. I actually really like your "failed attempt" it's cute :D
    Good luck, hard work is always rewarded though!

  5. I love this blog. All the pictures are so amazing !!!

  6. I thought both your videos were hilarious Hannah! And only you could prance around in your knickers on the internet and make it seem classier than doing so clothed.

  7. great video. great great song.

    i wish you so much luck. you have to much talent and so obviously deserve this!

  8. ummm i'm not complaining about pantless hannah, i doubt anyone is, or they can take it up with me...
    ps. more hannah dancing in knickers videos, i'm perv ;)

  9. HAHA I love the failed attempts video! I'd love to meet up during fashion week since we are neighbors and all!

  10. Bravo on the little video it's perfectly kinky :)

  11. brillent..

    sexy (semi)naked shakey bottom.

    I found this blog, you might like a look

  12. you kinky thing! I love it, you look fabulous. If I'll look anything like that in your lingerie, you bet I'd buy!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I'm waiting for funds to transfer from my Paypal to my bank account, so I can donate to the project.

    Just one small request-- more shakin' your shimmy, please.

  15. Dear Hannah,

    This Friday night, Sophie Mörner will be opening her brand new photo show at Capricious gallery in Williamsburg. It has nothing to do with fashion, which is why I like that she is opening the show on Fashion's Night Out! If you need a break from the fashion week crazies, please feel free to stop by to say hello!!! And good luck with your kickstarter!


  16. i definitely love your "failed" attempt also! I really like that you used this song it reminds me of that scene in Reprise!


  17. This is wonderful, and you are more than delightful!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed so hard for TLO to be able to take off.
    Excited for your mini fashion week as the real one(s) make me feel really uncomfortable. Oh and I wish I could be a mysterious millionaire for the sake of TLO!

  18. YOU ARE SIMPLY GORGEOUS. i absolutely love the video! looks like you had so much fun making it!

    lots of luck in your new venture! i predict it's going to be amazing. :D

    boat ride through the sky

  19. Love the video! It looks like you're having fun and I love that song

    Good luck with the final stretch!

    I look forward to mini fashion week hannah styleee and meeting Elvia!


  20. pay day is tomorrow so I'll be sure to send some love your way once my bank account is happy again

    best of luck!

  21. I've twitted the link to your Kickstart:

    In a couple of days I'll make an entry about the brand to let my readers know about your project (I'd do it tomorrow but I've got a very important entry already scheduled!)

    I really wish you could make this come true, it'd be definitely a loyal customer.

    And I'll donate something soon! I just need to fix a problems with my credit card, oops!

  22. Hannah,

    I could only contribute a very very modest amount, as I have just moved to Brooklyn and am very stretched for funds at the moment. With that being said, I am in your area and if you ever need any free man-hours put in of any sort (I'm skilled in many aspects of labor), please let me know! I would be so happy to help.

    I, and many of my BK gal pals, would also love to know about your TLO fashion week event!

    Keep me posted

  23. forgot to leave my address, and just read your last post (I would also love to join you in leisure activities, especially since take part in all those you listed in your last post without companionship anyway)

  24. Oh my gosh I'm so excited for you! This is wonderful and I wish the best of luck to you. It is my dream to have my own line someday (apparel wear but I would love to branch out into lingerie if I could!) I'm sure you'll be successful. Anything is achievable with hard work and dedication. Good luck sweetheart!

  25. i included you in my latest blog post! check it out if you want. :)


  26. Love this video!

    Best of luck! :)

  27. you look sooo cute in that video ;)

  28. $3000 is not so much money, I am genuinely interested in why you would not get a temporary job and try and earn the money yourself-you seem very employable. It seems unusual to appeal to others when there are so many disadvantaged people who need it.
    It's a bit rich to see pictures of you rolling around on vacation and then follow that up with an appeal for money.

  29. Hi Feather,

    While there is no company accountant dolling out my paychecks every second week I am, in fact, employed (and though it seems silly to defend myself like this, I did continue to work while rolling about up north).

    I'm glad you brought this up though as it is something that I struggled with when the idea (of kickstarter) was first suggested to me. Of course I realize that there are millions of people more deserving of other people's charity than I but I also realize that the people willing to help me out are (hopefully not) having their arms twisted to do so and that they no doubt are even more generous when it comes to causes truly in need. It would be impossible for me to get this project rolling at this time on my own (my present employment sucks as much money as it generates - the price paid for doing something I love and trying to make it succeed). I'm not sure if this clears things up at all but you're welcome to email me should you wish to continue this dialogue further.


    ps. I'm very sorry to have given the impression that I'm frivolity personified. I am frankly, quite ashamed at this.

  30. I am totally in love with your blog. You are SO CUTE! x

  31. I am so excited for your line! I can't wait to buy it also :) I went on your kickstarter and I will put a widget up on my blog. Good luck!

    xo Suzzy

  32. Oh boo hoo. I think it's perfectly fine to ask people to get involved with your lingerie line and donate some money. We look at your blog all the time and we have been following up on what you have been doing, why not ask your readers to get involved? I think it's a wonderful idea.

    Best of luck Hannah, I've been a reader of yours for a few months now and am routing for you all the way!

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  34. I just mentioned you as one of my fashion inspirations here:

    It would be really cool if you commented on my Facebook, and post a little bio about yourself, I think my readers would be really interested and I want to spread the word about you.

    here is my facebook fan page link:

    cant wait to hear your bios!
    I will post the most original in an edit on my blog ;)

  35. Oh my god!~ I love this! So free and fun. And the lingerie is just STUNNING! I'm definitely gonna promote you on my blog (can I use this video?)


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