Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FW Part 3: Tara-Lynn


Up next we have 1/4 of what may be the cutest family to ever walk this planet. Tara-Lynn is an entrepreneur, a designer, a knitter, a mother and an inspiration! I've been following Tara-Lynn around the internet since our Livejournal days almost six years ago (is that right? Man, the time, it flies) and have been consistently charmed by her personality, her family, her screen-shots of favourite movies, her knack for hunting down incredible vintage photographs and her deliciously cozy knits! I have, like an absolute creep, thought many times how badly I wished she and her little crew lived nearer to me for the epic hang-outs and slumber parties that would no doubt take place.

1. What was your first fashion-related creation?

As a little girl I was always playing dress up, as all little girls do. I had a dress-up box that my aunt had contributed some of her clothing to. She had all these really outrageous wigs and crazy 1970's lingerie, negligee's and slips. The ballet Swan Lake, being the inspiration at the time, was the model for the outfits I would create. One outfit in particular consisted of a red frilly negligee, worn with frilly underpants as a swan feather head piece, paired with these red strappy high heels (of course all worn over top of my clothing!). Sadly, the dress up box no longer exists, but I am left with a handful of photos to remember ... 
(I want to see these photos so bad! - H)


2.What or Who inspires you?

I truly admire a girl with her own authentic style, one who looks timeless, and can put together a mix of modern and vintage. I really love a mix of patterns and colors that do not adhere to conventions, but somehow look great. Creative girls with the ability to sew, make patterns and who will take risks. I find I am always coming back to ballerinas, especially those from the Ballet Russes, 1940's and 1950's ballerinas photographed by Gjon Mili. The dancers evoked so much artistic style while hardly wearing a thing. Edie Sedgwick is a great example of someone who took the style of the ballerina, those infamous black tights! Anais Nin, always an inspiration. The writer Colette, Jean Rhys and the chorus girls of the early 1900's. I'm drawn to the rebellious bad girl. Girls of today that I am really inspired by, friends like Sam Purdy, Isabelle Hayes, Hannah Metz and bloggers such as Kennedy Holmes, Francesca Zmetra, Erin Perez Hagstrom, Jessica, Anja Verdugo and Siri Thorson. Every one of these girls has a truly original and sincerely dedicated sense of their own style.



3. Biggest sartorial blunder?

No regrets, I would rather take a risk than not. I am positive I have had a few blunders, or just wrong outfit choices, but I do feel it really all leads to something good in the end. Maybe I tend to give a little too much sometimes, for instance maybe I didn't need to wear a Kimono to the campfire.


4. If you had to have a uniform for this season what would it look like?

At the moment, I fantasize about a uniform that would include pretty vintage party dresses, skirts with mismatched blouses, patterned and brightly colored tights paired with inconvenient shoes that pinch your toes. This kind of uniform is meant for wearing out dancing, spilling drinks on, going to art galleries, shows to feel especially happy in.


5. Any words of wisdom for people wishing to follow in your footsteps?

Don't do it! Following in someones footsteps would only be boring and untruthful. Do your own thing, its way more fun and unpredictable.

Illustration by Jason Lee

Tara-Lynn's Shop
Tara-Lynn's Blog
Tara-Lynn's Flickr

*Edited to add: Mention Hannah & Landon when you place an order at Tara's shop and receive a free Norfolk Knitted Bow! I've got one that I wear all the time!

Jason Lee's Art
Jason Lee's Shop

Up Next, Kathryn of The Vamoose!


  1. I am really enjoying these interviews! They're so sweet and real and fun. I got my paws on some of Tara-Lynn's knits recently and I owe her a killer package of awesome stuff!

  2. i love all of these, and her outfits are making me crave fall weather :) must be the knits!

  3. She's spectacular, thank you for sharing her!

  4. I'm also loving these interviews! She seems very charming, and I love her outfit with the trench, loafers, and messy bun. Too cute!

    Jason Lee's artwork is amazing, as well.

    Thanks for sharing~

  5. I love her shop...and her blog! We used to be buds on Livejournal ourselves. I don't think you remember me though neon purple, rabbit out, and dancing peacock ring a bell? I took a break from the internet. Now back...and happy to still see your here :)

  6. oh man it's up! sweating pits hehe...
    thanks my dear, for my small lil' shop i can't tell you how much this spotlight means to me.
    ps. if you like you can offer your blog readers a free norfolk knit hair bow with any purchase they would like to make, as long as they mention
    hannah & landon blog in the note to seller at checkout.
    love you!

  7. This, "...maybe I didn't need to wear a Kimono to the campfire", made me laugh pretty hard. A very sweet interview with a very enterprising lady!

  8. Aw maaaan, that's best shout out ever!! Thanks Tara-Lynn, you're too dang sweet! And awesome! And pretty :n )

  9. another great gal doin great things! fun!

  10. She is incredible! You do such cute interviews, I love them! Thanks for sharing! x

  11. first photo..love it so much!!]
    i like ur style :)))


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  12. I'm so happy you interviewed Tara-Lynn, I love her! Those words of wisdom about following in her footsteps- SO inspiring and true. This woman is spectacular.

  13. I love her answer to the uniform question. Skirts with mismatched blouses, coloured tights and shoes that pinch. I feel an immediate need to go and stock up on these things, and then go to a 30s style tea dance and spill some drinks on them!

  14. such an adorable post. great design, great pics, and great writing. i will be coming back soon!



  15. her blog is fabulous! a definate new favourite internet spot xx

  16. <3 this!! Those knits are fabuloussss!!

    Check out my headband giveaway courtesy of Tied Up & Tousled!

    Stacey Kay
    "Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"


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