Monday, December 13, 2010

red, green and white scrunch socks

The winner of the Bohemian Bisoux giveaway is Katy of Dirty Hems, congratulations Katy! Try not to pee on this one O_o! Honorable mention to caitthegreat for actually recording her storytelling, Sage for "glittery poos", Emily_RubySlippers for her partying grandpop and Natasha Opfell for her heartwarming christmas tree tale! You all made it incredibly hard for me to pick and I appreciate so much your indulging me and playing along! I wish you all the merriest of holidays free from (too much) embarrassment and full of warm hearts.

Now onto kitten business. What can I say? They are the greatest! It's now been a week and I cannot imagine a life without them. Bobo (the top picture) is my little cuddly curious (computer loving) girl and Pippin is the most darling, purring, snuggling boy. On friday we had a little holiday party and were planning on keeping the kittens in the bedroom away from the shenanigans but they ended up hanging out on the bed greeting (and entertaining) guests like total pros almost the entire night! Spoiled little kittens received an abundance of toys (Pippin's favourite came from Emily, he carries it around the house growling) and cuddles throughout the event. For a more kitty pictures and short kitty videos click below.

Playing with the ethereal Ali and my darling friend and model Emily (who has posted more pictures of the party on her blog).

PS. Thank you Lauren for the lovely interview! Don't forget to take advantage of Lauren's generous offer of 50% off all her shop goods!

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  1. I hope more crazy lady cat pictures will be coming then. I love that stuff.


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