Tuesday, March 8, 2011

birds bids & bras


This may come as a surprise to you given my chosen vocation but very rarely do I shop for clothing (for myself). Most of the time I'm buying goods for The Loved One and I'll nab a few damaged castaways from our hunts (which has resulted in a closet full of ripped, stained and smelly attire that I wouldn't trade for the world). These last few weeks however I broke my no shopping streak with the addition of not one but five glorious items of clothing. This blouse is especially, err, special, it's in pretty rough shape but those embroidered birds! How could I resist? I found and won it on Ebay a few weeks back. I'm not a competitive person (I think the only competitions I have ever engaged in involved challenging my brother to speed icecream eating so that he'd finish his first and I'd still have some left behind, rather cruel, some early years of ballet competitions and stuffing saltines in my mouth and reading tongue twisters) but something about this top brought out the competitor buried deep inside of me and I sat grinding teeth, chewing lips raw, hair tucked behind ears and fingers clammy with anticipated win and I bid. I bid and I bid some more and I won and after the adrenaline wore off I felt slightly disturbed at the whole event and then excited in anticipation of the arrival of my new blouse. It is exceptionally perfect in my eyes and worth every bead of sweat and blood and all 24 dollar bills that went into winning this treasure.

Elvia and I are starting production on our next collection today. We're adding three new pieces to The Loved One's line in time for the summer months. We've been toying with the idea of carrying some bras not of our making to accompany our line of bottoms until we've released our own brassiere (actually working on one for this collection but that's a surprise you'll have to wait to see later). We've found a spot that will wholesale some old timey bullet bras to us and before we take the plunge and start buying them all up (I actually bought six for myself in one pop and have completely forsaken all my "modern" bras in favor of these) I wanted to know if any of you folks would be interested in this style? I know I'm not the only one that appreciates an aggressive looking chest O_O. Picture after the click through since I think you've been subjected to more than enough undies only (old time internet shout out! for the record, I was a total lurker on that site back in the day) pictures on this blog.

tlo & bullet bras

bobo blends into landon's art

Here's a picture of Bobo blending into Landon's painting to balance out this otherwise very serious face set of pictures. Have since cleaned and organized that mess of a shelf behind me! 

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  1. That blouse is magical! $24?! even more magical. glad you bought yourself some things for once.

    PS: I would most definitely be into a bullet brassiere or two!


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