Thursday, March 17, 2011

Studio Visit

Landon painting

Landon in the studio

Landon's paint rag

Landon pantless

Wearing Landon's outer wear.

Landon burning some delicious smelling myrrh.



Lucky Landon is borrowing this amazing studio space from a friend of his for the next few months and I'm tagging along as often as possible to pick up my much neglected pen and paper and take advantage of the glorious light for photos.

Landon's website.
Landon's blog.
Landon's tumblr.

Beige Bra

In other news, The Loved One is now selling day-to-day bullet bras! Seriously friends, these are the best! So comfortable and perfect for filling out vintage dresses.


  1. What a gorgeous studio! The light is my favorite part about it. And my gosh, those pictures of you are stuuuuuning

  2. I love these. Beautiful neutral colours with a splish of fun. It all looks so dreamy. We looked at living in a studio last year but it got snaffeled by some commercial lame before we could get in there. Wouldn't that be the life!?


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