Friday, April 22, 2011

For your Love(d One)!

Slumber partying The Loved One style!

Directed by: Anna Li
Starring: Kennedy Holmes in Fuego,
Chelsea Marks in Agony Of Love and Hot Thrills Warm Chills (coming soon)
Caroline Wilson in She Should Have Stayed in Bed (coming soon)
Annie Strole in The Bed and How to Make It
& this moi in Sin in the Suburbs and One Shocking Moment.
Make-Up by: Annie Strole
Corndogs by: Merida Anderson

A hearty thanks to all of the ladies involved in this production! You made my editing job equal parts glorious and difficult because there was just so much good stuff to work with! I've been bitten by the motion picture bug and all I want to do now is make little videos (or maybe I just want to make a million bum wiggle loops).

(I meant to make another slumber party mix to accompany this post but have been too busy watching the video on repeat. I promise one later but just in case you missed the first one you can listen here.)

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