Monday, April 25, 2011

silks in the studio

shop goods at landon's studio

shop goods at landon's studio

shop goods at landon's studio

shop goods at landon's studio

The other day I took a small stash of shop goods over to Landon's studio to photograph them with his current projects. You can find all of these items (and sadly only a handful more) in the shop. I'm afraid I've been terribly neglectful of etsy as once again we have all of our collection spoken for as our next pop-up draws near. I'm very pleased to announce that we're having a second pop-up shop, this time in New York! It's a one night only affair hosted by the lovely folks at Seychelles. You're welcome to RSVP here for a night of cocktails, shoes, lingerie and vintage clothing galore (please don't be shy about introducing yourselves should you come, I very much enjoy meeting folks that read this blog)!

Click through for more shop preview pics and a new mix.

Black & white jumpsuit (listing soon)

Christian Dior oversized sweater / Purple suede skirt & Crop top / Pink silk top

(really need to work on looking less possessed O_O.)

Your mix here! :D

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