Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowfall and Siri

mouth breather

Maple candies



Today seems a fitting day to make my second snowy winter update as New York basks in the glory (heh) of the year's first snowfall. I love snow, I love snow in the country best of all but snow in the city is still pretty enchanting, especially the crispy snow that crunches and squeaks (not slushing about) when you walk down the street.

While on holiday we were joined by Siri and her boyfriend Alex for a short visit to ring in the new year and do as many "quintessentially Canadian" things as possible (drives by Parliament "to see the lights", homemade maple candies, cross country skiing, boardgames by the fire, snowpants, lots of snowpants, poutine, unsuccessful trip to the ski hill). I think, I hope, we did ok! Aw Canada, I love you so.


 Winter Wonderland <3

 our attempt at a neverending picture.
 Siri on new year's eve. Aww :`)
Video games!

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