Tuesday, February 21, 2012

let's get together (yeah yeah yeah)

1. Coming soon 2. Vintage Valentino Dress 3. Velvet Prom Dress (someone please wear this to prom, pleeease) 4. Crop Top 5. Tangerine Collar 6. This dress has sold but I wanted to include it because it is the best and also to direct you to lovely Galine's blog as she is the lucky lady who purchased it. 7. Pencil skirt (blouse coming soon) 8. Plaid Skirt 9. Navy Wiggle Dress 10. Oatmeal Knit Dress 11. Pleated Dress 12. Fringe Dress 13. Black Wool Skirt 14. Secretary Blouse 15. Pale Wool Skirt 16. Anne with an E Skirt 17. Plaid Wool Skirt

I had promised long ago to keep promotional shop posts to a minimum but as we've just moved and I've the most eyeballs on this blog than elsewhere on the internet I thought I'd give the old Loved One a hand. Please bare with me. I'll try to even it out with more substantial content like, hm, perhaps a feature on the current contents of my kitchen which is almost exclusively leftover valentine's day sweets. If you're in the neighbourhood and you've got a nasty case of sweet tooth please by all means join me as I poison myself with red dyed m&ms and various balls of chocolate.

I used to think myself capable of eloquently expressing my thoughts in written form but since livejournal's slow demise and my slow ascent into proper "adulthood" I've come to the conclusion that I probably never was and most certainly am not now. Present writing is a collection of repetition and gobbly guck. So I hope you'll forgive me this also (along with shameless shop promotion) as I'd like to start writing more in here and maybe even treating this old blog more like my favourite place on the internet, livejournal. (Commence embarrassing TMI posts and rapid loss of readership, just kidding. No secrets for you!) I miss the friendships that sharing ones thoughts and ideas creates. There is so much engaging conversation that's lost when all I put forth into the blogging world is a lot of flattering photographs of my surroundings. Basically, (and were I a decent writer you'd have reckoned this already) I want to write more to stretch that sadly unused writing muscle & get to know you better by engaging in more thoughtful commentary. So let's get to know each other shall we?

Photos by: Agnes Thor
Modeled by: Siri Thorson & Agnes Thor 

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