Thursday, March 1, 2012

Founders & Followers

Samantha Pleet Priest Shirt/Rachel Antonoff Alia Short 

Photo by Agnes Thor 
Gat Rimon Nika Top
Risto Sweater

Gat Rimon Paloma Blouse/Samantha Pleet Constellation Shorts. Photo by Agnes Thor.

Gat Rimon Paloma Blouse/Samantha Pleet Constellation Shorts

Gat Rimon Nika Top/Rachel Antonoff Alia Short

TBA Ashley Blouse
Maiami Sweater

Samantha Pleet Enchantment Dress. Photo by Agnes Thor.

I was first introduced to Founders and Followers when they used our apartment for a shoot last spring and have been keeping an eye on them since. When they contacted me a few months ago to play dress-up in some of their beautifully curated collection I was more than happy to oblige!

Visit Founders and Followers here!

Photos by Landon and Agnes Thor

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