Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Adventure Club

Last Friday we were picked up from our home bright eyed and bushy tailed at 9 am by fellow adventurers Samantha and Patrick. They greeted us with caffeinated beverages and buttery pastries and we drove a few blocks down to pick up the final member of our caravan, Agnes. Cozily tucked into the Jeep we embarked on our journey North with scheduled pit stops along the way. Our first stop (after the necessary washroom break at a Dunkin Donuts) was a secret spot (have been sworn to secrecy) in the fingerlakes region. It was a gorgeous swimming hole with a stunning waterfall and rope assisted hike up. We stretched our legs and enjoyed the ideal clear waters before hopping back into our carriage and continuing our long stretch north. (First photo from Landon's phone. second photo from Samantha's phone.)

Our second waterfall of the day was somewhat more grand in volume than the first as it was none other than the Niagra Falls. We had a fairly speedy border crossing into Canada and made it just in time to watch the sun set over the falls.

We crept into Toronto around 11pm and went off to our respective places of slumber with plans for brunch with my aunt and her beau the next morning. After sleeping off the long day and filling our bellies and bags with good food we continued onto our final destination making a short stop at The Big Apple. (Photos from Samantha's phone.)

It gets awfully fairytale-like from this point on. My dad's home is presently surrounded by a sea of wildflowers which we immediately started picking for bouquets and crowns.
(First photo from Landon's phone, second photo from Liam's phone.)

Our resident Midsummer celebrator, Agnes, taught Samantha and I how to properly assemble a sturdy floral crown.
(First photo from Agnes.)

My brother Liam and Patrick were both crowned.

My Dad is currently replacing his docks and inspired by a midnight float about on one of his unsecured new docks Liam began construction on an older model transforming it into our very own river raft (now sailboat). (First photo from Samantha's phone. Second photo from Patrick's phone.)

First photo from Patrick's phone, second photo from Landon's phone.

The raft on it's maiden voyage!
(first photo from Samantha's phone, second photo from Landon's phone.)

We sailed to an island that we've named something too uncouth to share here. We made an expeditious sail there but had a tumultuous row back. (From Patrick)

On ___ island! (Second photo from Samantha's phone.)

Liam with his sail and our crowned boys in the boat. (Second photo from Samantha's phone.)

After working up a sweat from our stormy trip back we went for a swim. (First photo from Patrick's phone second photo from Samantha's phone.)

Later that evening we went for a second much calmer candlelit drift.

Samantha the perfect Pre-Raphaelite and Liam lighting a fire. (From Landon.)

Flowers in abundance!

Another day on the water. This time we sailed swiftly to Beaver island. (Photos from Samantha and Patrick.)

We officially initiated one another into our newly founded Adventure Club. We've a logo, a secret song, handshake and rules written out for the initiation of new members. We went in deep. Real deep.

Our ship's new flag and Agnes' adorable profile against the setting Ottawa sun.

This week was too perfect to accurately chronicle. I'm so grateful to have found a group of friends so willing to indulge in such young fantasies and who pour themselves with equal enthusiasm into a project such as this. I think from now on I shall only surround myself with people that I can imagine sailing a transformed river dock with.

Samantha's photos here
Patrick's photos here
Agnes' photos here
Liam's photos here
Landon's photos here
My photos here

Samantha and Patrick are extraordinarily talented designers, if you're not already familiar with their work I urge you to investigate (here)!

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