Monday, July 30, 2012

Gold Bug


Here I am dressing like my favourite tumblr tag (shiny), heh. The catsuit and the second gold number are two pieces I picked up from The Loved One last time I was in Los Angeles. I've since been excitedly waiting for cooler temperatures to don the new duds daily. The blouse in the photo of me, Bobo and my escape artist tooth was a birthday present from my loving little brother, Liam and the gold mini dress which fit me like a glove up until my adult hips came blasting through was found in a dirty clothing pile in Arizona.

This past month Landon and I celebrated our sixth year of marriage, yes, six years! Getting married at sixteen was just great. (kidding! I'm old.) Landon's gift to me, or us really, was the long coveted Contax g2, the camera with which the above photos were taken (as you can see I'm still learning to adjust my bat eyes to the bright bright contax flash). I'm eager to get out and snap some photos of not myself!

I've been making an effort between hunting for freelance jobs, indulging in a strict diet of avocados on everything and keeping an eye on the west coast happenings of TLO to read more. Yesterday I picked up Far From The Madding Crowd, Shirley and Portrait of a Lady and am presently reading Wolf Hall. What are your summer reads? Have any of you read Wolf Hall? Did you picture James Frain (mm) throughout? Were you as confused as I am at times during conversations when the author doesn't distinguish the speaker and simply refers to them as "he"? Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the book and would be actually really excited should one of you like to nerd out about it with me in the comments! Ya! 


  1. I love your blog! Your photos are so inspiring!

  2. Apparently the sequel to Wolf Hall is better - I got really confused about the way the protagonist would switch between I and he, I mean I cottoned on after a while, but it was still jarring. I continued with it till the end and I did enjoy it, but it was not at all what I expected. I enjoyed the portrayal of Henry 8th but I still preferred Philippa Gregory's Henry. Another beef with Wolf Hall: Cromwell in real life actually was a monster, and being Irish (Cromwell persecuted and mass murdered the Irish) I don't appreciate the way the author tried to gloss over that and portray him in a 'sympathetic' light- maybe in the next book we will see that.


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