Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Post

favourite place

Yesterday I had the pleasure of guest posting over at the fancy fine blog of Miss Ashley Ording. The post was a brief introduction to the various cameras Landon and I have used over the last few years. You can take a gander for yourself right here! If you'd like to see more from our cameras take a look below and click through each camera to see the complete collection!

favourite place

Taken with a Pentax K1000.

kitten paws

country bed

kitten and braid

Taken with a Yashica T4.

Day 1

day 8

Taken with a Disposable Camera.

Taken with a Contax G2.


Siri 2
(that would be Siri Of Ringo Have a Banana fame.)


I neglected to add this one to the list (sorry digital, I forgot about you!) but these were taken with a Canon 60D.

What are your cameras of choice? Do you prefer digital over film or vice versa? 

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