Sunday, September 20, 2009

on raising your cat

fur dress

dress with legs

beaded dress

coral dress

diamond dress

gold dress

after an impromptu rooftop photoshoot left a large portion of my wardrobe scattered around the floor i decided to have a bit of photo fun of my own and share some of my favourite fancy attire. now i'm curious to see what dresses of special occasion lurk in your closets, friends? please share!

(p.s. dog on the left has been straightened after reviewing these pictures)


  1. omg best photos ever!

    My boyfriend had a "classy" bday party last year where we dressed up, at least some of us did anyway

    Im in the blue gown

  2. my favorite dress of all time is my wedding dress. our wedding was just a few weeks ago, so no pictures yet, but here's a link:

    though i added very poofy pleated tulle cap sleeves.

    <3 sara

  3. wiseredlips: thank you!

    eli: lovely in the blue gown! i like the "classy" bums, hehe.

    sara: the link didn't work but i can't wait to see your wedding photos!


  4. these photos are just lovely :)


  5. you have such a gorgeous room!

  6. One of my fancy dresses I made with my two hands with help from my magic sewing machine. I just think you are the bees knees! xoxox

    here is a link to my dress

  7. Lovely photos as always! And gorgeous dresses!

    I'm glad i'm not the only one that wears stockings with holes in them!

    I have a vintage two piece hiding in my closet... it is black and is covered in big gold glittery spots. I like it alot but haven't dared to wear it out because i'm afraid someone might call me a clown!

  8. Beautiful pictures and I love all of your dresses !

  9. the yellow dress is so gorgeous it's ridiculous

  10. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm so glad I did :)
    Your blog is so wonderful and inspiring. You have the power to create such magical world of thoughts i've never known before... Will be always coming for sure. Nice to know you :)

    lots of love from indonesia,

  11. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I would like to raid your closet or at least let you fix mine. ha!

  12. Love all the dresses you wore ! Its really so so beautiful :)

    Gorgeous hair you have girl !

    My fave dress of all time would have to be vintage hippie long dress I bought for my prom a few years back.

    I don't think I have any photos on that,but I'll wear it out really soon and post it <3

  13. love your blog. these pictures are amazing. what style! I will follow and link you to my blog.
    Tomorrow x

  14. this is so stunning, the gown is lovely!
    amazing blog, care to exchange links?

  15. light! i love the light!

    i will be posting my new favorite outfit, "sally sailor", on my blog soon soon.

  16. oh gosh you are so lovely in your home cluttered with incredible clothes! as for me, i have far too many casual dresses and not enough fancy shmancy ones. but now i'm inspired to start stocking up!

    and i did read that nyt article about gingers being extra sensitive to pain, but i've never had any abnormal fears of the dentist, or bad experiences at all. guess i'm a lucky one. i do get cold more than other people though.

  17. come on to join me on facebook: miss woody's blog!

  18. You have to be one of the most naturally stunning people I've ever seen! And I love your photos, they have a calming feel. So so pretty.

  19. you are so beautiful I can't believe it ♥

  20. I love the arrangement of photos behind you!

  21. Hi! Great Pics!...

    If you have time...maybe you can visit my blog and give me your opinion...

    Saludos desde México! =)

  22. Beautiful dresses and you look amazing! xxx

  23. Love everything, the hair, the clothes, the atmosphere... just lovely!

  24. this is by far my favorite shoot of yours. take care!!


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