Friday, November 27, 2009

flickr favourites 006 (holiday edition)

Tiffany- Stiffened by ~*Michelle Greene Wheeler's Appalachian Portraits* Mayhew Christmas by new_sox Christmas 1963 by ChicagoGeek Christmas in July - 1964 by ElectroSpark So Happy It's Christmas! by ~*Michelle Greene Wheeler's Appalachian Portraits* A Good Hair Day by What Makes The Pie Shops Tick? FOUND: Shelter Christmas: Exit / Tree by MENE TEKEL Its a Merry baby meme Christmas by mememarlin another bike by rgc_cary X-mas 1974#6 by spehrman Santa Brought Chocolate by Cowtools reading to bro by rgc_cary SANTA ARRIVED FOR GOOD KIDS by Daisy.Sue Lena's Gifts by rgc_cary   Christmas with the Stanley's  by Striderv lady in black by iRememberlove21 Visiting Santa Claus by Lila Rache Yes, I played the accordion by hackjob Loading the Gifts by Marcfoto new bike at Xmas by rgc_cary christmas - snowman by kevan can't! Dreams Can Come True: 1958 by musicmuse_ca Laura, Cat and Canary-A Chicago Christmas by Moonlight Cocktail Photography I got the Barbie Airplane! *Tagged* by tesa girl Christmas in Pasadena by maralina! Santa's little helper by Tresijas Lena 10 by rgc_cary Xmas at Lena's by rgc_cary Those Pink Curtains Again! by rgc_cary santa & me by Nmarie my dog tammie by Nmarie Christmas at the Gomez's by Dollymae Dagger christmas - mom in pink dress by tree by kevan can't! Old back/white photo/ Christmas by jazzejunqueinc My First New Years-1954/1955 by musicmuse_ca Cowgirl Christmas by PLCjr CHRISTMAS EVE by Daisy.Sue CHRISTMAS EVE by Daisy.Sue raja by the fireplace at christmas by iRememberlove21 1960 christmas by tgft60 christmas praying at bed by tgft last white christmas by Nmarie

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! Landon and i are trying to participate in as many quintessential "christmas in new york" activities as we can. Macy's thanksgiving day parade was the first to check off the list (if you have any secret ny holiday traditions please share!) i enjoyed it with my wonderful surprise birthday guest Rebecca. Landon cooked his first turkey (upside-down) at our orphan thanksgiving dinner yesterday, it was a most excellent feast with friends. now we have a full bed of buddies and homemade crumble watching home alone 2. Very thankful for everything right now. Hope you all had a terrific and delicious thanksgiving!


Hello Friends! I do my best to respond to all of your thoughtful comments on your blogs, I apologize in advance if this is not always done in the most timely manner! Thank you for reading!

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