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not a kitten but a squirrel for you!



Surprise! Another fun giveaway for you! This time brought to you by lovely Australian ladies Pip and Emma who are inspired by "lazy afternoons and spy novels from the 1940s", most excellent. They produce charming handmade goods while "drinking home brew ginger beer and listening to tunes" (sounds dreamy and delicious). You can find more of their lovely creations in their Etsy Shop here

So in the same manner as my previous giveaway I'm asking for your stories! This time, for all my spring twitter-pated buddies, let's hear your comedic tales of romance! I want to hear stories about exploding bikini tops in front of your highschool crush (hehe Wray), interlocking braces, unfortunate poetry, etc. I'll take any funny story though! The story that successfully causes uncontrollable urination (or close to it, rather) will win the darling squirrel pendant! I'll announce the winner next friday (04/09/10)!

Good luck!


  1. okay. unfortunately it isn't really my story. my best friend's roommate was attempting to search for her crush's name on facebook and accidentally made his full name her status! internet embarrassment! though this one time i did get my nose ring stuck with the nose ring of the boy i was kissing and then my friend walked into my room and we were temporarily stuck together! later i found out he had a girlfriend so it was awfully embarrassing in a bunch of ways.

  2. i want a squirrel for a friend!

  3. okay, I had been dating this boy for a while and things were going quite well but we were still at that kinda akward stage and had not actually discussed "where the relationship was going". At the same time, one of my friends were having an unfortunate crush on one of her teachers and was really miserble. Well, late one night when i was just falling asleep, i got a message on my phone saying " I cant do this anymore, it has to be over" from an unknown number. I got hysterical and started crying ,I was still sleepy and thought it was from the boy. So I phoned him up and started yelling at him down the phone that you can´t break up with someone via a textmessage and what an ass he is for breaking up with me. Well, he was quiet for a while and then calmly said that he had not sent me a text and he was not breaking up with me. Well, my response was oh, and then woops as I realised the text was from my miserable friend talking about her teacher crush. The boy did think that I was a complete nuthead but we´re married now and it´s a funny story.


  4. I love Ulrika's story, I don't think I could top that! I don't even think I even have a story. I've only ever had one boyfriend, and one major crush which involved me just staring at him from a distance. The necklace is uber cute xx

  5. Oooh, what a cute necklace!
    This is actually kind of a recent story, but I was out to lunch with my boyfriend and his mom, and naturally my boyfriend and I were playing footsie underneath the table the entire time. she asked us what we were doing after lunch, and I responded, "oh, just hanging out probably", while seductively stroking his ankle with my shoe. His mom says, "Uhh, that's my leg."
    soooo embarrassing!!

  6. Ok, here's mine. When I left the city where I was born, I attended my last big party; lots of people were there. As the night went, the subject of high school crushes came. I decided it was a good idea to admit my past feelings to a guy who I had been after for a while when I was 14-15. His answer? "Oh, it's normal, you know, lots of girls like me." And he wasn't sarcastic.

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  8. I have a few stories from friends and myself.

    The first story is about my best friend and our close friend. In high school they dated for one hot minute and it was quite a strange pairing. She was(especially)/is boy crazy, big bummed, cutesy-pixie girl. He was only the slightest bit taller than her, skinny, awkward indie-loving music boy. One day they were making out on his couch and he reaches around her back to pull off the ol' bra trick--literally! WELL, I guess actually--NOT literally because he was having a difficult time trying to unbuckle her bra. Minutes passed and she offered to take it off for him to save more embarrassment but he then apathetically replies "'s not worth it"
    They broke up a few days later.

    Here's another funny friend story. My friend Alice went to her then boyfriend's parents place to have dinner. This was at the beginning of their relationship. Previously, she was introduced to his father. He was a HUGE guy--almost 7 ft tall, large everything as you can imagine. During her dinner stay, his father had to go out to get some things, leaving only her and him home alone. So in the meanwhile, they were just hanging out around the house & he had to go to the bathroom at some point. While he was doing that, she noticed gigantic jean pants hanging on the side of the room to dry. She was extremely curious, so she gets up and tries them on--walking around in them whilst trying not to trip, pulls the jeans up around her body to see how high they went on her...etc, etc. Then suddenly, my friend, a petite 5'3 girl slowly turns around at the surprise of her boyfriend's mother's voice (whom she has never met before). While still holding the gigantic jeans around her tiny waist, his mother says with shame in her voice and disappointment in her brow...

    "He's a rather large man, I know"

    And finally, here is my probably not so entertaining boyfriend story. So lets get to it, my boyfriend and I were doing the naughty upstairs in his bedroom. I have to mention one thing--he wears magnum condom, not even to brag, but because it is an essential part of this developing story. Anyway, after the hanky panky was finished, he threw the condom away in his bedroom trashcan. A week later my boyfriend called me and tells me that his dog (who looks like this: comes barging in his bedroom and was gettin' his dirty fat paws in his trashcan. Well, next thing you know Dixie the dog carried that same used magnum condom (the wrapper too) down to the living room floor so all of his family can see their son's use of protected safe sex on display. Embarrassing--yes! Only a couple days later, I was brave enough to go out to eat with his family. One conversation led to another, joke after joke and my friends sister playfully asked me why I was even with the guy and his mother says something like "She likes what was in that trash can..something ..something..hinting at his er...large man thing"

    I pretty much just pretended that I didn't hear it while picking at my food. :(

    AND because I am a procrastinating, non-packing clothes bum, I give you my embarrassing boyfriend stories.

  9. My boyfriend and I were sitting on the floor of his media room, looking for a movie to watch. I was sitting upright with my knees tucked to my chest, wearing a dress. He asked me what I wanted to watch, and I shrugged and leaned back playfully, but accidently exerted a very loud fart. My dress even fluttered... He confusedly stared for a second and asked if I had just farted and I immediately changed the subject.


  10. there's a reason you never stick with your high school boyfriend after, er, grad. one night we were at his house watching tv on the couch, when all of a sudden we turned to each other and had that "look" in our eyes. as we inched closer to each other's face, my stomach started to twist and turn. we were one millimeter away from our lips interlocking when the excitement got the better of me...

    and i farted.

    it was like in the movies when record is suddenly stopped. he gave me a look of such contempt i thought he was going to throw me off of him. instead, he shrugged his shoulders, and said, "whatever" and proceeded to kiss me.

    a few days later he was avoiding me at school. when i confronted him about it, he said he was too grossed out to even look at me.

    "but you kissed me anyway," i retorted.

    his reply i was an honest one.

    "i was horny enough."

  11. Can I talk about sex here? A very cute, very shy boy I had chased for months and months and I had finally decided to sleep together after some sweet dating. Anyways, I had recently gotten back on birth contral and was trying the Nuvaring (at the time new on the market) and was ASSURED by my doctor that not only would he not feel it but it would not cause us any problems during the naked time we would spend together... This being said, I didn't bring up the TYPE of birth control I had gotten on with him because I didn't think it was necessary.... just awkward... So back to THEE sex, we are getting in to it... and he starts to go to third base... it's great, wonderful, amazing UNTIL he stops raises his hand and is hold my RING, which looks a whole bunch like those rubber bracelets that so many of use worse in the late 90s and exclaims, "what is THIS?" I turned red, mumbled "my birth control" and snatched it from him before running to the bathroom to re-insert in peace.

  12. Hey, I'm Melissa.
    God made me a genie pig for testing out embarrassing moments, he must have.

    My story took place a few years back, I was dating an odd boy who went by the name of Jeremy Welsh. His mother was middle eastern and fairly strict so she insisted that one evening I join them for dinner. Jeremy was an only child so I felt it was natural for his mother to be concerned about who he was dating. I accepted the invitation.
    The beginning of dinner went fine, from what I remember. We ate spaghetti (certainly not the easiest meal to eat when trying to impress parents, but I kept the loud slurping and saucy lips to a minimum).
    I have this rule about ordering water whenever I am somewhere new. You can't go wrong. This evening proved otherwise.
    Jeremy's parents and I were getting along well, exchanging simple jokes and information. They asked what I wanted to drink and I said water, of course. Bottled water was the only type they had so I politely took it.
    I've always had a problem with removing caps, but it's never gone so wrong before. I tried to take off the stubborn cap as best I could without losing my cool, but it just wouldn't budge.
    I had to get aggressive.
    I pulled, twisted and forced the damn thing off, accidentally flinging it into the air and into my shirt-not only my shirt, but deep in my bra.
    I hope I'm not the only one with this problem. When I eat popcorn, small flakes gather in my cleavage; it's very very uncomfortable! But nothing has ever fallen into my shirt at dinner with my boyfriend's parents before.
    I was mortified! Everyone at the table had seen the cap's trapeze act. Worst of all, the ridges of the cap were scrapping away at my poor boobs, who hadn't done a thing to deserve it. Brushing the incident off as if it didn't happen was not an option at this point.
    I did what i had to do.
    Yep. I went in and took the cap out of my bra in front of the Welshes. The expression on his mother's face was one i've never seen before, a mixture of shock, disgust, and shamefulness. My own mother's never given me that face!
    Anyway, Jeremy and I only dated for a few weeks after that spaghetti dinner.
    I was never invited over to eat again.
    Since then I've seriously considered changing my water rule.

    Thanks for reading.


  14. hello lady,

    amazing etsy shop! i might just have to buy those striped pants :D


  15. Hello Hannah, Firstly thanks so much for being the host of our very first ever giveaway and for making up such a super entry theme.
    So I thought I should dish some of my romantic flops & comedic moments... So I'm a nervous & shy type of person, but sometimes I try to be brave.
    I was after this boy, he was a super cutie and he had no idea. So after months of trying to trap him I finally get him back to my flat, I'm super nervous and as I'm trying to kill my nerves I start to tell him some funny story. I take a massive swig from my water bottle and I start to laugh at my story that I'm only a few sentences into. I choke, I laugh & choke and choke some more - I don’t know what to do and he is not sure what to do (basically he is just staring at me) so I flop back onto my bed, thinking that has to do something but it makes matters worse and I turn into a human water fountain half choking, half laughing with water spurting in and out of my mouth. The boy, I think, was half truly wanting to help me, but really just wanting to run away from the crazy girl having a strange spasmodic fit on her bed with water dribbling out of her mouth.
    I put some more on our blog but I think that’s my best one
    Emma of pip-emma


    Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


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    Thank you :). KISSES FROM SPAIN


  18. This isn't too funny but it made me turn red for a couple of hours...
    I had been complaining to my close girlfriends about how jealous i was of their tampon wearing, cuz i could never get one half way in without feeling excruciating pain. This led to them calling me Tiny Vaginy constantly in front of my new boyfriend, who i had not slept with. I hadn't slept with anyone, obviously.
    One time my other friend was there who was not in on the Tiny Vaginy story and he asked another friend who whispered to him the tampon thing. He yelled out to me in the backseat with friends and my boyfriend : "YOU SHOULD MASTURBATE!!" The look i got from my boyfriend was too confused and freaked out to ignore so i relayed to him the tampon story and he thought it was funny and understood.(because he is super awesome)
    Of course it doesn't end there.From the front seat i hear my friend say quietly to himself "or you could lose your virginity..."
    The entire car gets all quiet and giggly and my best friend sitting next to me says "So Trista, where do you think would be the BEST place to lose your virginity???" Laughter and absolute mortification ensues...

    OH MY GOD!! Sometimes it would be best to leave the posse of giggling chics and gay guys at home.Fucking high school, man...

    And i love your blog! yay!

  19. OMG your blog..... me love love love & like!

    Agneta, a swedish one ;)

  20. I do have a tale to tell.
    These stories come from a prepubescent Kensey who had her heart set on her brother's best friend.
    His name was Sean Bacon. He liked hockey, bouncing on the trampoline, and girls who had already developed and ventured in to wearing makeup.
    I wanted desperately for him to love me and made a few desperate attempts to make it happen. Once while he and my brother were playing video games in the living room I overheard Sean mention that he really likes girls who do "girl things" such as cook and clean and wear makeup.
    Although i had no make up to wear, i did have a vacuum cleaner handy and so i casually starting vacuuming the living room and kitchen area. Because I was paying more attention to the back of Sean's head than to the task at hand, I ended up vacuuming up one of Sean's shoelaces. This got his attention! he was not pleased when after several attempts to untangle it, it was decided it was time to get the scissors. We all stood there as my Dad cut the lace free, and I knew in that moment we could never be together. But I did not give up!
    I still made several failed attempts to seduce him which included blue eyeshadow, stuffing my bra, making him toast only to forget about it and come back to a kitchen full of thick black smoke, hitting him in the face with a hockey stick while attempting to show off my slap shot, and finally confessing my love for him at the dinner table which resulting in him cringing and my brother telling me to shut up!

  21. hi there darling. I have been away for so long, and I have missed your posts. I would like to say you, but since we do not know each other in a proper manner, lets say - i really missed your posts.

    The last one is so nicely written, i dazed of picturing mentioned lady artists with their dreamy eyes and tea cups... with a little squirrel on the window. the pendant is wonderful, and if i think of a funny story, i will enter the contest gladly :D

    till then, have a nice weekend, and lots of stories to read and enjoy :D

  22. I love your pictures! Nice blog

  23. It was the third grade and I was madly in love with the kindest, funniest, most athletic little boy in my class. We were friends but I was always very shy around him. One day I was running around school right after recess and did a little too much running. I tried to run for the bathroom but a few feet before reaching the door I bumped into him. He saw I was feeling sick and when he asked if I was ok my reply was simply throwing up all over his gorgeous nike shoes.
    I ran into the bathroom after that and locked myself in there for a while. He was surprisingly kind about it and didnt worry about his shoes at all. Ah, elementary school love. :-)

  24. This is so cute! I seriously can't remember any embarrassing stories, how sad is that?! My past (and current) boyfriends have always just laughed with me...

    tweet tweet tweet


  25. When I was 15 years old I got grounded for a couple of weeks because of a bad grade or an unfinished chore, who knows, one of those teenagery things. At the time I was with my first boyfriend and really wrapped up in the whole high school romance thing. I call him one last time to let him know I won't be permitted to speak to him for an ENTIRE WEEK because of the tyranny and oppression blah blah blah (I think I probably called my dad a fascist)... So I told him (weeping inconsolably) "I'M SO SORRY, I LOVE YOU" and then whispered dramatically "forever..."
    The important part of this story is that somehow my older sister listened in on all of this.
    To this day, nearly 7 years later, any time my sister or any other member of my family tells me they love me, they always add a whispered "foreverrr.."

  26. Hahaha oh my goodness, Libby, your story made me laugh so hard. I just read it out to my husband and his word was simply: "brutal".

    I'm having trouble thinking of a suitably embarrassing story. Which I know can't be possible because doing really, incredibly embarrassing things is a forte of mine...

    - The Pip half of Pip Emma

  27. mmmkay.

    So, this boy and I were fooling around in a black box theater at my college. After fooling around a while, we got a bit more serious on the seats. We agreed after a little while our backs needed a new location, so we went to the floor, him on top of me. I wasn't wearing a shirt, and we were both pretty sweaty by now, and as he laid me down on the floor and we started to...again, I felt my back suction against the floor, and as it came off it emitted the wettest most rank fart-sound ever. It was really just my back making the noise, but it sounded FOUL (it's happened to me in yoga/pilates classes too, sweaty back + wood floor or plastic mat = bad news noises). We giggled a bit, I confirmed that it was my back and nothing else, and we tried to get back to it, but now anytime I moved my back farted with the floor, even syncopating my laughter as it grew too much to contain. We had to leave it there as we both were too horrified/amused to continue. MORAL OF THE STORY: keep the floortime to early on, and/or clothed. Maybe it's just a quirk of my anatomy? has it ever happened to anyone else? sexytime or not?

  28. A few months ago I had finally built up the courage to talk to a cute guy I had had my eye on for a while. So we're at a sweaty, drunken, overcrowded house party, and somehow talking leads to dancing, dancing leads to kissing... You get the point. He invites me back to his apartment and I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. We get to his room and do whatever things two tipsy college students do on a Saturday night. Suddenly, he stops. "Hold on, let me get something." "Shit, I know where this is going," I thought.

    I did not know where it was going.

    He pulls out of his desk drawer a bottle of a mysterious red liquid. "Why not?" I think. Mistake. I am 99% sure that this strange candy-colored liquid is cherry cough syrup - it was identical in smell and viscosity, and all I could think of was being force-fed Robotussin whenever I had a childhood bout of the sniffles.

    While trying to get over the smell of the syrup that was soon covering much of my body, I start to feel itchy. I'm not talking about an itch that you can scratch, but an I-am-having-an-intense-allergic-reaction-to-your-stupid-cherry-love-juice kind of itch/BURN. Soon I become rash-y all over, especially in some extra sensitive areas. Ew.

    "What's wrong," he asks. UGH. I tell him that my lady parts are burning like the fires of hell. "That doesn't usually happen," he says. Great. Eventually I can't take it any more and throw on my clothes so I can go home and shower. I had rashes all over my body for the next three days.

    I heard a "call me, babe" as I walked out the door.

    No, thank you.

  29. This is the story of how my mom first met her in-laws.

    My mom was invited over for dinner at my father's parent's house for their first meeting. They all sat down for dinner and in the middle of conversation my mom sneezes, and simultaneously, let out a noise from her bottom half! She immediately jumps up and covers her nose and derriere with her hands! She was mortified. My grandfather immediately lightened the situation with a confident, "I like this girl!"

    I'm embarrassed just retelling this story!

  30. Aw what an absolutely cute necklace!

  31. great photo!
    love your blog!
    great pictures and so much inspiration
    stop by some time xx

  32. I was at camp, sitting on a chair in the common room, when my crush walked in without a shirt on. I didn't see him at first, I just heard him say "I like how I'm walking around with a blanket!" I immediately exclaimed "Oh my goodness! I do that all the time!" It turns out that he had actually said "I like how I"m walking around half naked." Needless to say, I was mortified.

  33. this is my dad's story, and i think it's priceless. my mum and my dad were dating, and for some reason were playing hide and seek with my mum's family (not your normal adult pass-time, but anyway...). when franticly looking for a place to hide away, my dad came across my mum hidden underneath a bed and decided to slip in next to her. i guess taken by the moment and the proximity of the situation, my dad got a bit frisky and proceeded to get a bit 'hands on', provoking fits of giggles from mother. it was only then that the realisation dawned on my dad: the woman he was feeling-up wasn't his girlfriend, but his future mother-in-law! what a way to get to know the parents.


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