Sunday, February 20, 2011

FW Part 3: Wray Serna

This next interview is with a friend near and dear to me, Wray Serna. Wray and I met on this magical place (where I meet all my favourite people) called LiveJournal many years ago. She and her partner Amber Jimenez founded their company Ambit just last year and are already working on putting out their second collection, available soon for pre-sale. Their beautiful streamlined collection is handmade locally with as much love as there is attention to detail (those buttons!). Yay Wray (sorry, the temptation to cheer and rhyme was too strong for me to resist)!

1. What was your first fashion-related creation?
My first Fashion-related creation would have to be a dress that I made out of a 1950's lady cotton swimmingsuit fabric. I was 16 and an avid flea market goer. I had no idea how to sew and as a result, lots of fitting pieces of fabric to myself and pinning ensued. After a while the pieces of fabric slowly morphed into a dresslike item. I don't know that I would proudly display my creation, but I do still have it (and wear it) !

2. What or who inspires you?
I am greatly inspired by both photographers and designers. I have always been a fan of Stephen Shore and William Eggleston for their clean lines, composition, and beautiful colors. I also greatly admire Dries Van Noten, Comme Des Garcon, Mason Martin Margiela, and Maria Cornejo.

3. Biggest sartorial blunder?
Oooo there are quite a few. My biggest sartorial blunder (and continues to be) would have to be my 1970's print floral dress which is cut so short I sometimes wonder if it is meant to be a top. I will start off by stating that I am a shapely women (derrier in specific). The dress looks fine and proper in the front. However, be there ever so slight a breeze or movement in the back and people get an eyeful. There have been so so so many instances where people will walk right up to me and tell me they can see my backside. I am pretty sure I have walked 10 plus blocks, ridden 3 subways, had lunch, and traveled home, all with an exposed behind. Despite its treachery, the dress is cut so lovely and nice that I cant get rid of it ever.

4. What job/project would you consider "a dream come true"?
I can honestly say that the job I have now is a "Dream Come True" and working with my partner Amber helps (A Lot). I get to think about fabrics, colors, photography, growth, and the fashion world of New York City every day. I honestly can say that I dont think I could survive without having a job that involves a large amount of creation. Individuals need creation, society needs it, I love it.

5. Any advice to those wishing to follow in your footsteps?
My personal advice I would give to someone following in my footsteps would be to develop a strong identity for yourself, organize your goals and how to obtain them, understand that everything is a learning process, always treat the people you work with, with respect, and most importantly smile, you are your own boss!

Wray's blog.
Ambit's website.
Ambit's blog.

Keep your eyes on their website as they are planning a pre-sale for their latest collection shortly!

All photos courtesy of Ambit by Landon Metz (and yep that's Emily)!

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