Monday, February 21, 2011

she wore blueee velvet










Taking a little break from the "fashion week" interviews to share some photos I took of Miss Emily last Friday. After taking photos for the shop Emily rummaged through my personal collection and pulled out a few things to dress-up in for a more exciting than standing against the wall looking serious shoot. It was such a pleasure to photograph her and to turn the camera on somebody else for a change O_O. Before the shoot I met Jessica from Seychelles who generously supplied the gloriously tall shoes Emily is wearing. I am genuinely excited about these two new shoe additions as they are the first new shoes (not second-hand that is) that I've had in heaven only knows how long (erm nearly two years), had forgotten how comfortable it is to be the first owner of a pair of shoes!

In other (very sad to me) news the countdown to the end of our pop-up is on! Only seven more days to visit the shop! Nooooooooo. Such a tease it is, though now I am more determined than ever to open up our own brick and mortar shop.

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